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Next-Generation Single-Cell Dispensing in Cell Line Development and Single-Cell Genomics

Released: our new application note highlighting microbiome research

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You are looking for an efficient way to isolate your single cells? Your application is monoclonal cell line development or single-cell genomics? You want to improve your work flow efficiency and get more single-cells in shorter time with higher rate of recovery? Then learn more ...

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You have heard about our technology, but you always wondered how it works? You are curious about how single-cells can be isolated so efficiently and gentle at the same time? It is easy to understand. You will immediately see why it is so great. Come on, we'lI explain you ...

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Our main applications are cell line development and single-cell genomics. You are not exactly sure if your applications fit our technology? You are from a pharma or biotech company scouting for new technologies? Then check out how customers use our technology in ...

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Excited about what is behind cytena? You want to learn about our mission? You are curious, if you share our philosophy and our visions? Let's find it out together. Let us introduce you to Freiburg, our company, the team and show you how we ...

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You are looking for job opportunities at a start-up with a great team spirit and big ambitions? You are highly motivated and want to start working? Entrepreneurial spirit runs down your veins? Great, then it is time to join the cytena team! Let’s take a look at our current ...

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You are already a customer and you have a service request? You want to schedule a preventive maintenance? You have questions about support and maintenance or just want to talk about available service options? You are missing a manual? Whatever it is, we are ...

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You are curious what users think about our technology? You want to know how your cell line development process can benefit from our single-cell technology? Why not finding it out and hear what our customers have to say. Go ahead and ...

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