The F.SIGHT is our first generation single-cell dispenser with fluorescent sorting. Our affordable and flexible F.SIGHT enables single-cell assays for monoclonal cell line development as well as single-cell omics studies.

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Key Features & Benefits

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Assurance of single-cell isolation

Capture nozzle images for every dispensing run to confirm that only single cells were dispensed on the plate.

Fluorophore detection

Detect even the slightest fluorescent signal thanks to the F.SIGHT’s adjustable blue laser and isolate only fluorescent cells.

Dual imaging system

Overlay both brightfield and fluorescent images for precise identification of your cells of interest.

Gentle single-cell dispensing

Handle and isolate delicate cells of interest with our no-pressure dispensing, minimizing the stress inflicted on cells.

No risk of contamination

Eliminate cross contamination risk during dispensing with single-use CYTENA cartridges.

Fast and accessible technology

Easily set up an experiment and fill a 96-well plate in a couple of minutes.

Product Details

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Fast and precise dispensing
Isolate single cells in either 96- or 384-well plates quickly. The F.SIGHT can dispense an entire 96-well plate in a couple of minutes. Due to the system’s versatility, a multitude of different cells can be fluorescently labelled and isolated.
Intuitive design
The F.SIGHT has a simple and intuitive hardware design that makes it easy to use from moment it arrives at your lab. Dispensing runs can be set up in a few minutes.
Powerful software
Quickly set up individual experiments and get a single-cell isolation run set up in minutes. Additionally, the F.SIGHT’s software can provide full resolution brightfield and fluorescence images along with an overlay image.
Small footprint
Place the F.SIGHT inside laminar flow hoods to isolate cells in a sterile environment. The system can be operated from outside of the sterile hood via remote control terminals.


Accelerate your research

Cell line development

Gene therapy

Rare cell research and discovery

Monoclonal cell culture

Single-cell multiomics

Featured Workflow

With the FSIGHT’s fluorescet sorting capabilifies, only single cells of interest are isolated and dispensed for monoclonal expansion. Affer isolation, clones of inferest are expanded and, subsequently, the clones with the best yield are selected.

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Product Datasheet

Samples Eukaryotic cells
Cell size 5 – 40 µm
Sorting Cell morphology and fluorescence
Droplet volume ~200 pL
Substrate 96- and 384-well plates
Nozzle imaging Camera CMOS
Magnification 10x
Dual-channel: Brightfield and fluorescence 
Fluorescence nozzle imaging  Ex. 488 nm 
Em. 520 +/- 36 nm 
Processing times Single-cell dispensing 96-well plate: ~ 5 min
Single-cell dispensing 384-well plate: ~ 15 min
Cartridge 40 µm disposable cartridge to avoid cross-contamination
Embedded computer Windows
Compatibility Standard biosafety cabinets class 2
Footprint 600 x 400 x 240 mm
Weight 35.5 kg
Certification CE, CB, UL (TÜV), RoHS
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