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We believe that automation and microtechnology will bring the understanding and control of individual cells to a whole new level and empower our customers to serve patients faster and better.

application areas

Cell line development

Cell line development

Our technology offers documented proof of clonality with excellent cell viability and zero risk of cross-contamination; and it is suitable for many applications, including generating biopharmaceuticals like monoclonal antibodies.

Anaerobic cell isolation

Discover how our products enable automated and label-free single-cell isolation from complex microbial samples.

Anaerobic cell isolation
Single-cell omics

Single-cell omics

Our single-cell dispensers guarantee high purity and high viability in single-cell omics, maintaining the integrity of the cells prior to lysis to preserve their DNA as well as their RNA and its expression level.

Protein expression in microbial systems

Microbial expression systems such as bacteria or yeast are widely used for production of peptides or small to mid-size recombinant proteins such as antibody fragments. Our technology enables high-throughput single-cell isolation of bacteria, yeast and other small fungi, saving you time and resources.

Protein expression in microbial systems

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Our products are used in a number of industries and sectors by leaders in their respective fields from around the world.

User testimonials

“Single cell efficacy: 70-93%; Colony efficacy: 58-91% (after optimization) [...] The plating effort (to get single cells) can be lowered compared to limited dilution and FACS single cell deposition by the factor 4-5 [...]”
Rating: 5.0
- A. Mayer-Bartschmid, Senior Scientist
“[cytena’s] cloning platform is suitable for generating clonal cell lines with a probability of ≥99.9%... Overall, the implementation of this novel technology provides significant advantages over traditional methods with respect to cost, simplicity, timing and flexibility.“
Rating: 5.0
- C. Lovelady, Senior Scientist
“When using the scp™, the number of monoclonal cell lines increased 6-fold compared to the limiting dilution process, therefore increasing the number of pools that could be cloned… By implementing both of these technologies, the cell line development process can be decreased from 9 months to 6 months.”
Rating: 5.0
- A. Mahé, Scientist
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Improving cell-line development, single-cell omics and microbiome workflows


We offer an extensive range of single-cell dispensing solutions that document cell clonality and improve the efficiency of your workflows.


Find out how the patented single-cell dispensing technology in our instruments optimizes your workflow.


Our global team of experts provide full support, so that you get the most out of your investment.