The next generation microbioreactor for cell line development (CLD). Reduce the amount of time required to culture cells by identifying suitable clones faster and more reliably.

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Key Features & Benefits

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clone selection

Screen hundreds of cell lines through valuable cell culture parameters to identify and define the best clones faster

Less time,
better results

Early clone selection can cut the CLD timeline down by weeks, making life-saving treatments available to patients sooner

Optimize cell
culture environment

Bring production bioreactor conditions to 24- and 96-well plates and perform parallel cultures

suspension sooner

The C.BIRD introduces suspension culture closer to the beginning of the workflow, providing cells with optimal conditions early on to encourage better and faster development

software and design

The system’s user-friendly software and compact design make it straight forward and accessible

Big results
in a small unit

Weighing in at just 332 g and able to fit inside a standard cell incubator, the C.BIRD is a major addition to your laboratory without taking up a lot of space

Product Details

Discover what you can do
technology and design
The C.BIRD uses an automated control system and a consumable lid for mixing culture media and cells. The unit is light and compact, enabling users to run the C.BIRD in standard cell incubators.
Optimal conditions
for optimal outcomes
The C.BIRD introduces suspension culture conditions at the beginning of the CLD process, providing a better environment for cells to develop and making it possible for researchers to produce life-saving treatments in less time.
Proven results
In a study comparing C.BIRD suspension culture to traditional static culture, the C.BIRD improved cell proliferation, recombinant protein yield and volume-specific productivity.


Accelerate your research

Cell line development

Drug development

3D cell models


Transfection efficiency

Featured Workflow

The C.BIRD™ reduces the amount of time it takes to select the best clones for your experiment.
The system introduces suspension culture in the early stages of the workflow, giving cells an
environment to grow faster and with greater density.

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Product Datasheet

Working Volume (96-well Plate) 150 – 200 μL
Working Volume (24-well Plate) 1000 – 1600 μL
Operating Temperature 5 – 45°C
Operating Ambient Humidity 95% (± 5%)
Suggested Working Environment Standard cell culture condition 37°C
Mixing rate (per cycle) 15 – 50 seconds
Power Cord 5V, 900mA, USB 3.0, 180 cm length
Minimum Laptop/Computer Hardware Intel core I5 (64 bit) with 8G RAM or above
Requirements USB 3.0 port is highly recommended.
Minimum Laptop/Computer Windows 10
Operating System Requirements Windows 10
Monitor Resolution 1920 x 1080 p (Most screens with height resolution larger than 960 pixels should work well.)
Footprint of C.BIRD (L x W x H) 303 x 183 x 82 mm
Footprint of Control Unit (L x W x H) 128 x 85 x 53 mm
Weight of Docking Station 1,280 g
Weight of Control Unit (each) 332 g
Starting from $16,500

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