We recognize that science evolves with time and your research should as well. To leverage the power of continuity and address the most-pressing challenges in cell biology, we have developed the CELLCYTE X, a high-throughput live cell imaging system that’s user-friendly, efficient, and robust.
With our live cell imaging system hosted within the incubator, researchers can rewind and replay images acquired from multiple time points to better follow the sequence of biological events and get a comprehensive picture of cell kinetics. Read more below to see how the CELLCYTE X can make a difference in your lab & analyses.

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Key Features & Benefits

Find out how our product can enrich your research

Open design

Ease of maintenance and improved control of cellular environment.

Improved cell viability

Less disturbances over the course of your experiment, reducing the chances of cellular abnormality.

data analysis

With data collected and processed in real time throughout the experiment.

High throughput

Run 6 vessels concurrently to maximize your throughput.


Streamline image acquisition and analysis with our intuitive software platform.


Multiplex your experiment with Enhanced Contour imaging mode plus 3 fluorescent channels.

data output

Acquire and store thousands of images per experiment.

Simple hardware

Compact and easy to set up.

Multiple Applications

Gain a more comprehensive picture of cellular kinetics through performing key applications - now at your fingertips

Product Details

Discover what you can do
Intuitive and comprehensive
  • Analyze spheroids
  • Capture images and movies in real-time
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Automated graphing tools
  • Platemap feature to plan out your studies
  • head of time
  • 4x imaging
Real-time analysis
of spheroid assays
  • Streamlined workflow to monitor spheroid formations inside your incubator
  • Ensured autofocus at every timepoint for long-term live cell studies
  • Powerful analysis algorithm for accurate spheroid masking and tracking
  • Diverse analysis metrics supporting a wide range of spheroid assays
  • Maximize throughput and reproducibility by running up to 6 plates in a 96-well plate format
Optimized workflows
to maximize efficiency,
save time, uncover highly
reproducible data
  • Easy setup for user-intuitive experiments
  • Prepare up to 6 vessels concurrently
  • Compatible with multiple vessel types and user protocols
  • Automatically capture images at user-denned time points
  • Acquire images from inside the incubator
  • Maintain optimal environment and maximize cell viability
  • Guide users to conclusive observations and results
  • Produce publication-quality graphs


Accelerate your research



Spheroid growth


Transfection efficiency

Featured Workflow

Optimize your workflows while maximizing efficiency, saving time, and yielding highly
reproducible data. With an easy setup, ability to monitor cell behavior in real time, intuitive
software, and instant data visualization, you’ll have the tools you need for ultimate success in
any application area. Complete the full live cell imaging solution for peak results day-to-day.

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your research with our products and solutions

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Product Datasheet

Microscopy Channels
BlueEx 370-410 nm
Em 429-462 nm
 GreenEx 473-491 nm
Em 502-561 nm
 RedEx 580-598 nm
Em 612-680 nm
Enhanced ContourContrast rich transmission
Imagining mode
Objective4xResolution: 0.862 μm/pixel
Field of View: 2.1 x 1.77 mm
 10xResolution: 0.345 μm/pixel
Field of View: 0.8 x 0.7 mm
Camera System5 megapixel 0.66 inch mono CMOS sensor24448 x 2048 pixels
Exported Image FormatTime Lapse
Single image
Exported Movie FormatAVI 
Exported Data FormatCSV, XLXS 
Imagining Unit
Dimensions (W x D x H)410 x 500 x 340 mm
 Operating Conditions10/40° C. RH up to 95%
Controller Unit
Dimensions (W x D x H)250 x 250 x 90 mm
 Internal Storage10 TB
 Operating ConditionsIntended for indoor
use 20-40° C
Power Input100-240 VCA,
50-60 Hz, 70W
System RecommendationsOS: Microsoft Windows 10
Operating System (64-bit)
Storage: 500 GB SSD
(or larger)
 CPU: 2 GHz or faster Intel
Core Duo Processor.
GPU: Nvidia GPU with 8 GB
of VRAM or more
 RAM: 8GB or more*Requited for CELLCYTE
Starting from $58,456

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