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CYTENA is a place where the brightest of minds and the kindest of hearts meld together to push the boundaries of what is possible in the life sciences industry. We believe research into biological processes and drug development should be more accessible to anyone so that the resulting discoveries and therapies are better for everyone.










Challenge the status quo

Health and wellbeing are ever-changing. The technology used to treat and research health issues should be, too. We work to exceed industry standards to adapt to the world’s health needs at any given moment. From global pandemics to chronic illnesses, we seek solutions that are flexible and unbound by outdated expectations.

Create innovative solutions

Whether you’re an engineer, researcher, scientist, salesperson, a marketer or software developer, we design solutions that change the way labs of all sizes conduct cutting-edge research and develop new therapies to create a healthier planet.

Cultivate better and more accessible research

Brilliant ideas are not born from a single region, identity, or economic status. We aim to lower the barrier of entry for researchers from all walks of life to explore their ideas so they can develop processes and/or therapies that make good health safer and accessible to more people.

Why work at CYTENA

Learn and grow

Develop your professional skills and carve a meaningful path for your career on your terms.

Work with a
diverse team

Our employees bring a wide range of life experiences and professional expertise to the table so we can create impactful solutions to usher in the future of health.

Change the world

Improve the life sciences industry’s impact on individuals, societies, and the planet.

What Awaits You

Team building

We value an open-minded atmosphere and champion collaboration. To strengthen these bonds even further, we regularly organize fun team-building events!

Appreciation and development

We recognize every employee’s efforts and contributions to the business, and we regularly celebrate individual ​ accomplishments. We also help employees develop new professional skills through BICO Academy training courses.​

Opportunity of a lifetime

The BICO Group (formerly CELLINK) became a unicorn in just 4.5 years and is still growing strongly. More exciting tasks and goals await us. The success story is just getting started!​

High-tech brand

Our instruments have won multiple awards for their cutting-edge single-cell dispensing technology. Be part of a team that dedicates a great deal of time, effort and resources to software engineering, design and R&D.

Agile start-up culture

We believe that transparency and continuous improvement are both essential to solving the major hurdles in healthcare. We love being a dynamic and international start-up and still benefit from a flat organizational structure.

a difference

We are proud to be part of the fast-growing and promising life sciences industry dedicated to improving healthcare. Let us make the world better and create the future of medicine!


We care about your health, family and personal well-being. In addition to complimentary snacks, coffee and tea in the office, we regularly organize various social outings and sports-themed activities.

Modern working environment

Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, we want our employees to be as productive and happy as possible. ​ We provide the best equipment and value high software and hardware standards.

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