I.DOT – Fast. Precise. Traceable. Latest technology in liquid handling.

Latest technology in noncontact dispensing for fast and reproducible results every time.

The I.DOT is a liquid handler, from DISPENDIX, that anyone can use regardless of automation experience. The instrument transfers volumes as low as 8 nL with unrivaled precision and speed while dramatically reducing your laboratory’s plastics and reagent consumption. Whether you are dispensing enzymes and beads for NGS or qPCR or adding cells, compounds, and buffers for Assay Development or High-throughput Screening, the I.DOT offers unrivaled precision and ease of use for efficient and reproducible sample preparation.

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Key Features & Benefits

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Reaction miniaturization

With precise transfers down to 8 nL, DISPENDIX Liquid Handlers enable reaction miniaturization, allowing researchers to run up to 10x as many samples for the same cost to their lab.

Real time
drop verification

Ensure successful dispensing and verify source liquid amounts in real time with our patented technology DropDetection.

Eliminate cross

Dispenses droplets into target plate below the source plate to eliminates the risk of carry-over or cross contamination.

Low dead volume

With a 1 µL dead volume, no other product enables researchers to transfer their compounds, reagents, and buffers in a more cost-effective and efficient way.

Fast dispensing

With the ability to dispense a reagent to 384 wells in seconds rather than minutes, DISPENDIX is changing the way researchers think about the automation of their genomics and drug discovery workflows.

Less plastic waste

Automated dispensing reduces the need for pipette tips, saving you money and minimizing your impact on the environment.

Product Details

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Real-time Volume Verification

The I.DOT is the only liquid handler with droplet detection and has the capability to detect when users run out of source liquid and verifies dispensing volume. I.DOT’s DropDetection is a patented feature that detects and counts every droplet released during a single dispensing run. With integrated droplet detection, DISPENDIX provides researchers with an unparalleled degree of process safety. Imagine knowing for every transfer, the actual volume transferred with an 8 nl resolution.

Choose the Right I.DOT For Your Lab


S Plates, Standard Destination


S Plates, DW Destination


L Plates, DW Destination

Source Options

S.60, S.100, S.200 Well plates
support wide range of liquid classes

S.Wells contain 80 µL source volume

S.60, S.100, S.200 Well plates
support wide range of liquid classes

S.Wells contain 80 µL source volume

NEW L.100 Well plates available

L.Wells contain 500 µL source volume making them more convenient for higher volume multi-well dispensers.

Destination Options


Supports 96 flat plates, 384 and 1536 well plates and
custom plate formats


Supports skirted 96-well PCR plates, Deep-well plates,
SBS standard plates, and custom plate formats


Supports skirted 96-well PCR plates and
Deep-well plates


Accelerate your research

High-Throughput Screening

Assay development

CRISPR reactions

Synthetic biology

Genomics and proteomics

Featured Workflow

I.DOT Combats the COVID-19 Pandemic – Given the challenges of combating the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists in both research and diagnostic environments are looking to optimize their workflows for crucial time and cost savings. An influential example is a study conducted by Dr. Nicola Crosetto’s lab at Karolinska Institutet, in which the I.DOT (Immediate Drop-on-demand Technology) liquid handler was used to automate and streamline a versatile technique (COVseq) for preparing multiplex DNA sequencing libraries from low-input samples with high accuracy, speed and significant reductions in liquid reagent volumes.

The study revealed that the COVseq technique can be easily applied to ongoing pandemic genomic surveillance and adapted to monitor other pathogens such as influenza viruses. In addition, an analysis of costs showed that the technique could be used to sequence thousands of samples per week at less than $10 per sample, including library preparation and sequencing costs.

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