Effortlessly analyze images and metadata obtained from CYTENA’s single-cell dispensers and make informed decisions from your CLD campaigns – now possible thanks to the all-new C.STUDIO’s intuitive yet robust analysis capabilities.

Purpose-built for cell line development workflows, go the distance - track clones from the single-cell cloning stage onward, select high producing clones based on confluency, cell count, titer and any other imported custom assay data and fulfill regulatory requirements by easily generating clonality reports to prove the clonal derivation of cell lines.

Confidence meets ingenuity – see more, do more.

One platform to rule them all:
battle-tested for getting the most out of your cell line development workflows.

Clonality report generation
for IND and BLA submissions

Seamless clone tracking
and selection

Custom data integration

Supports FDA 21 CFR Part 11
compliance and GMP integration

Authoritative confluence,
cell count and titer analysis

Integration across the entire CYTENA
single-cell dispenser portfolio

Intuitive, easy-to-use platform
for effortless analysis

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Key Features & Benefits

Find out how our product can enrich your research

clone tracking

Follow every single clone throughout the whole CLD process, no matter if it is transferred from one plate to another. The Multiviewer visualizes acquired images and ranks, identifies and selects your winners. Verify monoclonality for your top clones.

One platform that
does it all and knows it all

Pick your best clones based on UP.SIGHT-derived data including the proof of clonal derivation, confluency, cell count and titer. Cherry on top? Integrate data from custom assays to do your research your way.

Full visibility + no errors

Goodbye tedious comparisons, cross-references, and multi-platform analyses. Welcome to the productivity era – just one software suite with a common database that eliminates manual, error-prone comparison of results in various formats.

Straightforward campaign management

Manage all your CLD campaigns in one place – never lose track of your work.

Let the software
show you the way

C.STUDIO’s software-guided clone picking, and transfer capabilities support you in manual pipetting by creating clone transfer lists.

Don’t sweat the
regulatory requirements

On-demand generation of clonality reports to prove clonal derivation of your cell line for IND and BLA submissions.

Supporting 21 CFR
Part 11 compliance

C.STUDIO ensures data integrity by embedding airtight security mechanisms to give your lab complete confidence.

Product Details

Discover what you can do
Tracking colony growth
over time – every time

Effortlessly track the growth of your colonies over time. Post single-cell dispensing, monitor both suspension and adherent cell colonies through precise confluence measurement. This smart feature helps you pinpoint the perfect moment to transfer clones to larger volume plates. Plus, even after clone transfers, continue assessing the growth of adherent cells with seamless confluence tracking. Simplify your cell culture journey and ensure you make informed decisions every step of the way. 

Cell counting – extraordinaire

Counting cells becomes a breeze with the UP.SIGHT’s images and the C.STUDIO’s groundbreaking capabilities. Seamlessly track growth kinetics C.STUDIO is your go-to for precise, easy cell count and growth tracking.

Comprehensive titer monitoring for
high-producing clone identification

The UP.SIGHT features built-in titer quantification based on the plate-based F.QUANT assay, enabling the screening of hundreds of clones. Clone selection with C.STUDIO is straightforward and ensures data traceability. 

Cell-specific productivity – mastered

Utilize C.STUDIO’s cell count tool alongside F.QUANT-based titer measurements to accurately assess cell-specific productivity. It’s the smart way to identify and capitalize on your best clones.

Robust software-guided clone transfer

Select your clones for hit-picking in C.STUDIO and specify their destination well plate format. Generate a detailed pick list, mapping each colony to a specific position on the new plate. This precise guidance simplifies manual clone picking, ensuring a seamless transfer process 

Follow your top clone’s journey

Access all UP.SIGHT-derived data and even external data in C.STUDIO and follow your clone’s journey over time. From single cell dispensing to colony growth to titer assessment and more. Never lose sight of your best clones even after hit picking or clone transfers into new well plates.

Documentation to meet
regulatory requirements

Easily produce dynamic clonality reports to meet regulatory requirements (IND/BLA submissions). Demonstrate that your top clones originate from a single cell using image data from the UP.SIGHT.


Accelerate your research

Monoclonal antibody development

Build upon the industry standard single cell dispensing technology and get double assurance of clonality with the UP.SIGHT’s. Combined technology of nozzle and 3D well imaging result in >99.99% probability of clonality ensuring that your monoclonal antibody product meets the strict regulatory standards for product consistency and reproducibility.

Cell therapy & stem cell research

Enhance cell well-being with UP.SIGHT's gentle dispensing technology. The disposable microfluidic chip assures gentle cell dispensing resulting in up to 80% clone recovery without loss of pluripotency. This kind-to-cells approach guarantees the selection of top clones, significantly improving the safety and efficacy of resultant cell therapies.

Gene therapy

Generate premium viral vectors from stable producer cell lines that you can rely on, when you work with the UP.SIGHT. With a >99.99% probability of clonality and smart automation, you will reduce batch-to-batch variation and enhance throughput, enabling you to select the most efficient lines for gene therapy manufacturing.

Genetic engineering

Generate genetically engineered monoclonal cell lines using UP.SIGHT’s gentle dispensing technology. The disposable microfluidic chip ensures gentle cell dispensing and prevents cell stress. With a >99.99% clonal probability and high cloning efficiency, you will be able to increase throughput and select the best cell lines for safe allogeneic cell products.

Monoclonal cell culture

The UP.SIGHT single-cell dispenser empowers bioprocess scientists with the gentle dispensing of monoclonal cells coupled with real-time tracking technology that enables precise monitoring from single cell to colony.

Automated cell line development

Automate your CLD with the UP.SIGHT for a streamlined biologics R&D process. With a double assurance of clonality and real-time colony tracking, your monoclonal producer cell lines will give rise to quality products that are consistent, safe and compliant from batch-to-batch.

Product Datasheet

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