Fast transformation
and cloning of microbial
expression systems

Accelerating and automating single-cell cloning of bacteria,
yeast and other microorganisms using single-cell dispensing technology


The production of recombinant proteins plays a major role in the life sciences, biotechnology and medicine and enables the development of many successful biopharmaceuticals. Currently, there are two main model microorganisms for recombinant protein manufacturing: E. coli and S. cerevisiae. Each microorganism has its own set of advantages including fast doubling times, high cell densities and high levels of productivity while not being as costly as mammalian cells.
With rapid advancements in the biopharmaceutical industry, microorganism-based production has become useful for both drug development and screening processes. While mammalian systems are the method of choice for monoclonal antibodies requiring human-like glycosylation, microbial expression systems such as bacteria or yeast are widely used for production of peptides and recombinant proteins such as antibody fragments. In order to produce stable strains of bacteria and yeast, researchers have employed similar clonal methodologies as those used in Cell Line Development (CLD) for cell isolation. However, when applied for prokaryotic cell isolation, methods such as agar streaking are inefficient and time consuming. CYTENA’s B.SIGHT is a novel single microbial isolation system that isolates single cells, including previously unculturable microorganisms, directly into liquid culture quickly and efficiently.


Synthetic biology

Accelerate your synthetic biology transformation and cloning workflows using automated and high-throughput single-cell isolation technology.

Microbial product
discovery and development

Reduce time and cost on microbial product discovery and development projects using rapid and reliable single bacteria or yeast isolation directly into liquid culture.

Protein engineering

Obtain highly valuable proteins with genetically modified pathways in yeast or bacteria. Benefit from the high-throughput and fast isolation of single strains without the need for agar plating or colony picking.

Research Workflows

Paving the way for successful biopharmaceuticals