The demand for better biopharmaceuticals and new technologies to keep up with rigorous regulatory requirements is growing faster than ever. Clonality of biopharmaceutical-producing cell lines are essential for safe and effective products.

CYTENA’s flagship single-cell dispenser, the UP.SIGHT, enables a probability of clonality >99.99% and fulfills required regulatory expectations. Double assurance of clonality is achieved through nozzle images and 3D Full Well Imaging, a new and innovative method that images the full volume of each well from the point of dispensing using the integrated imager. Built to simplify cell line development, the UP.SIGHT gently isolates single cells into culture plates and tracks colony growth.

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Key Features & Benefits

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Double assurance of clonality

Ensure monoclonality with two independent methods: nozzle imaging during dispensing and 3D Full Well Imaging.

No risk of contamination

Eliminate the risk of cross contamination with single-use EASY.ON cartridges.

Precise colony tracking

Track colony growth and discern fast-growing colonies through integrated plate imaging.

Fast and gentle dispensing

Easy-to-use software makes setting up experiments fast and simple. The system gently dispenses cells into a 384-well plate in under 8 minutes.

Minimizing cell loss

Capture rare cells with our Cell Focusing technology, which aligns cells at the center of the dispensing cartridge for superior cell detection.

Small footprint

Place the UP.SIGHT inside a biosafety cabinet to sort your cells in sterile conditions.

Product Details

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Fast and precise dispensing
Combined with EASY.ON cartridges, the UP.SIGHT dispenses an entire 384-well plate in under 8 minutes. Additionally, the UP.SIGHT’s Cell Focusing feature aligns cells in the middle of each well, enabling reliable dispensing even with rare and delicate samples.
Intuitive design
With an intuitive and easy setup, the UP.SIGHT is easy to use from the moment it arrives at your lab. Additionally, the UP.SIGHT’s compact size can easily be placed in most biosafety cabinets with ease.
3D Full Well Imaging
Image the full volume of each well in your 384-well plate while single-cell droplets are dispensed into the medium and, combined with nozzle imaging, enable double assurance of monoclonality of your samples.
Powerful software
The UP.SIGHT’s software aligns with our customer-oriented values: speed, power and accessibility. Set up and begin sorting cells within minutes and in just a few steps. Additionally, the software provides full resolution brightfield and fluorescence images along with an overlay image so you can get a full picture of your cells.
Automation ready
The UP.SIGHT is a key part of any automated CLD workflow that can be integrated in many systems thanks to its ingenious hardware design and versatile software.


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Monoclonal cell culture

Monoclonal antibody development

Automated cell line development

Cell therapy & stem cell research

Gene therapy

Featured Workflow

With the UP.SIGHT, cell line development can be monitored from beginning to end. After clones have
been transfected, isolation into 96-or 384-MTP plates can be easily performed and from there, each
colony can be followed from day 0 for subsequent selection of the best pertorming clones.

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Product Datasheet

SamplesEukaryotic cells
Cell size5 – 40 µm
SortingCell morphology and fluorescence
Droplet volume~200 pL
Substrate96- and 384-well plates
Nozzle imagingCamera CMOS
Magnification 10x
Dual-channel: Brightfield and fluorescence
Fluorescence nozzle imagingEx. 488 nm
Em. 520 +/- 36 nm
Processing times

Single-cell dispensing 96-well plate: ~ 2 min

Single-cell dispensing 384-well plate: ~ 8 min

Single-cell dispensing plus 3D Full Well Imaging 384-well plate: ~25 min
Well bottom imaging of 96-well plate: ~8 min
Well bottom imaging of 384-well plate: ~8 min

CartridgeEASY.ON 40 µm disposable cartridge to avoid cross-contamination
AutomationLid opening and closing
Compatible with standard automation arm and gripper
Compatible with third-party automation clients
Embedded computerWindows
CompatibilityStandard biosafety cabinets class 2
Footprint635 x 400 x 286 mm
Weight40 kg
CertificationCE, CB, UL (TÜV), RoHS
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