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Time to level up your cell line development with the industry’s most advanced and capable single-cell dispenser and imager. You get best-in-class dispensing efficiency, clonal recovery rate, throughput, speed, precision, and user-friendly automation that integrates easily into your GMP-compatible workflows.

UP.SIGHT delivers day-0 clonality with documented image-based proof to hit every standard in regulatory compliance. You can also effortlessly track and select the high-producing clones through integrated well bottom imaging, cell counting and F.QUANT titer measurements. And all your data, from dispensing to clone tracking and selection, is consolidated seamlessly in the C.STUDIO analysis software.

The 2nd generation UP.SIGHT isn't just an upgrade, it's a leap forward in precision, speed, and efficiency.

Welcome to a new era in cell line development

>97% single-cell
dispensing efficiency

Up to 80% clonal
recovery rate

Confluency analysis and
cell count

>99.99% probability
of clonal derivation

Titer measurement
with F.QUANT

C.STUDIO - powerful and
user-friendly data analysis platform

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Key Features & Benefits

Find out how our product can enrich your research

Clonal derivation - double assured

Two independent imaging systems ensure monoclonality for complete confidence.

Zero risk of contamination

Single-use EASY.ON cartridges eliminate any risk of cross contamination.

Fast and gentle dispensing

The system gently dispenses single cells into 384-well plates in ~8 minutes and into 96-well plates in ~2 minutes.

Measure titer and select clones

F.QUANT titer assay quantifies antibodies, Fc fusion proteins or Fab fragments to select high-producing clones, every time.

Assess clonal

Well bottom imaging tracks colonies by confluency measurement or cell count, whether you work with adherent or suspension cells.

Smart analysis software

C.STUDIO software, co-developed with UP.SIGHT, manages all your data, from single-cell dispensing up to growth measurements, titer evaluation, and clone picking.

cell loss

Cell focusing technology aligns cells at the center of the dispensing cartridge so you never miss a cell.

Fits in

Small in size, but mighty in function, UP.SIGHT fits right inside your biosafety cabinet, ready to dispense cells in sterile settings.

Works with
your workflow

Single-use cartridges and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance compatible software means UP.SIGHT easily fits into your GMP workflow.

Product Details

Discover what you can do
Fast and precise dispensing

Dispense cells into a 384-well plate in under 8 minutes or a 96-well plate in just 2 minutes. And with UP.SIGHT’s Cell Focusing feature, each cell is perfectly aligned in the middle of the well, so you capture every detail every time – even with rare or delicate specimens. You can even dispense cells based on their fluorescence. UP.SIGHT reduces cell loss and speeds up processing times. And the icing on the cake? The UP.SIGHT provides >97% single-cell dispensing efficiency resulting in less waste of your samples.

Day-0 3D well imaging

Detect single cells in 96- and 384-well plates with the UP.SIGHT’s well bottom imaging capabilities. Traditional well bottom imaging, when combined with dispensing, nozzle imaging, cell settling and then well bottom imaging, offers double assurance of monoclonality.

Day-0 well bottom imaging

Detect single cells in 96- and 384-well plates with the UP.SIGHT’s well bottom imaging capabilities. Traditional well bottom imaging, when combined with dispensing, nozzle imaging, cell setting and then well bottom imaging, offers double assurance of monoclonality.

Confluence analysis

Easily track your colony as it grows. No matter if suspension or adherent cells, use UP.SIGHT’s high-quality imaging technology to assess the confluency of growing colonies over time with the help of C.STUDIO.

Seamless cell counting

UP.SIGHT utilizes advanced imaging technology to effortlessly count cells with the help of C.STUDIO, ensuring consistent and reliable results and unparalleled counting precision.

High-throughput titer measurement

Rapidly measure the titer of your antibodies, Fc fusion proteins or human Fab fragments with the F.QUANT kits and then let C.STUDIO pick the high-producing clones, every time.

Clone tracking and more –
everything in one place

C.STUDIO analysis software has been designed alongside UP.SIGHT so it seamlessly integrates all the data you generate with UP.SIGHT and even external sequencing and custom data. C.STUDIO guides you in selecting the best clones based on confluency, cell count and titer – and it lets you quickly create clonality reports for IND, BLA and other regulatory submissions.

Software as smart as it is simple

UP.SIGHT’s built-in software brings you power, speed, and simplicity. After a setup that takes mere minutes and just a few straightforward steps, you can start dispensing cells and follow how each one is detected in the nozzle of the cartridge.

Compact design

The UP.SIGHT is a benchtop instrument that easily fits inside most biosafety cabinets, ensuring convenient lab integration.

Compatible with your
automation system

The UP.SIGHT was developed with automation in mind. With a programmable lid that opens and closes automatically for seamless integration with robotic arm plate carriers and the ability to save experiments as templates to facilitate quick and easy setup of future dispensing runs, the UP.SIGHT is the automated laboratory’s tailor-made instrument for cell line development.

Enabling scientists worldwide


Accelerate your research

Monoclonal antibody development

Build upon the industry standard single cell dispensing technology and get double assurance of clonality with the UP.SIGHT’s. Combined technology of nozzle and 3D well imaging result in >99.99% probability of clonality ensuring that your monoclonal antibody product meets the strict regulatory standards for product consistency and reproducibility.

Cell therapy & stem cell research

Enhance cell well-being with UP.SIGHT's gentle dispensing technology. The disposable microfluidic chip assures gentle cell dispensing resulting in up to 80% clone recovery without loss of pluripotency. This kind-to-cells approach guarantees the selection of top clones, significantly improving the safety and efficacy of resultant cell therapies.

Gene therapy

Generate premium viral vectors from stable producer cell lines that you can rely on, when you work with the UP.SIGHT. With a >99.99% probability of clonality and smart automation, you will reduce batch-to-batch variation and enhance throughput, enabling you to select the most efficient lines for gene therapy manufacturing.

Genetic engineering

Generate genetically engineered monoclonal cell lines using UP.SIGHT’s gentle dispensing technology. The disposable microfluidic chip ensures gentle cell dispensing and prevents cell stress. With a >99.99% clonal probability and high cloning efficiency, you will be able to increase throughput and select the best cell lines for safe allogeneic cell products.

Monoclonal cell culture

The UP.SIGHT single-cell dispenser empowers bioprocess scientists with the gentle dispensing of monoclonal cells coupled with real-time tracking technology that enables precise monitoring from single cell to colony.

Automated cell line development

Automate your CLD with the UP.SIGHT for a streamlined biologics R&D process. With a double assurance of clonality and real-time colony tracking, your monoclonal producer cell lines will give rise to quality products that are consistent, safe and compliant from batch-to-batch.

Featured Workflow

With the UP.SIGHT, cell line development can be monitored from beginning to end. After clones have
been transfected, isolation into 96-or 384-MTP plates can be easily performed and from there, each
colony can be followed from day 0 for subsequent selection of the best pertorming clones.

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Product Datasheet

SamplesEukaryotic cells
Cell size5 – 40 µm
SortingCell morphology and fluorescence
CartridgeEASY.ON 40 µm disposable cartridge
to avoid cross-contamination
Droplet volume~200 pL
Plate types for dispensing96- and 384-well plates
Nozzle imagingCamera CMOS
Magnification 10x
Dual-channel: Brightfield and fluorescence
Fluorescence nozzle imaging (laser-based)Ex. 488 nm
Em. 520 +/- 36 nm
Well imagingCamera CMOS
Magnification range for 384-well to 6-well plates:
2.4x (resolution 4 µm/px) to 2.2x (resolution 4.36 µm/px)
F.QUANT-based titer measurement
(optional; LED-based)
Ex. peak 634 nm (50% Bandwidth: 626 – 642 nm)
Em. 666-723 nm
Dispensing timesSingle-cell dispensing 96-well plate: ~2 min
Single-cell dispensing 384-well plate: ~8 min
Single-cell dispensing plus 3D well imaging 384-well plate: ~35 min
Plate types for well bottom imaging6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96-, 384-well plates
Well bottom imaging time~6 min per plate
F.QUANT-based titer measurement time (optional)~9 min per plate
AutomationLid opening and closing
Compatible with standard automation arm and gripper
Compatible with third-party automation clients
Embedded computerWindows
CompatibilityStandard biosafety cabinets class 2
Footprint635 x 400 x 282 mm
Weight40 kg
CertificationCE, CB, UL (TÜV), RoHS
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