Dispensing Cartridges

Single use dispensing cartridges for all needs.

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Key Features & Benefits

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Low dead volume

Load a maximum of 80µL of a cell suspension solution with a dead volume below 1µL.

No cross contamination

All cartridges are packed individually, and UV sterilized.

Simple to use

Cartridges are designed for intuitive loading and easy assembly on the instruments.

EASY.ON Cartridges

Exclusive cartridge is magnetically mounted for quick and easy loading.

Completely certified

Animal-component free, BSE / TSE free, no cytotoxic materials.

Product Details

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Efficient single-cell sorting
Every droplet that contains a single-cell of interest can be sorted into your desired substrate. Dispense as many single cells you need with one cartridge.
Innovative design
Our dispensing cartridges hold your sample in a small reservoir. From here, cells are transported into the micro-fluidic chip. When the cartridge is loaded, it can simply be attached to the dispenser.
Gentle dispensing
The cartridges have been designed by microfluidic experts and is a hand and glove fit with our devices. The dispensers piezo-electric plunger generates tiny droplets of cell suspension from the cartridge without being in direct contact to the sample.
Minimal volume dispensing
Thanks to silicon micro-fluidic chip, our cartridges can generate free-flying picoliter droplets, this opens the door for other application such as miniaturisation for NGS library preparation.

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Accelerate your research

Stem cell research

iPSC research

Single bacteria and yeast isolation


Transfection efficiency

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Product Datasheet

EASY.ON Cartridge 20 x 20 EASY.ON Cartridge 40 x 40
Nozzle size 20 µm 40 µm
Compatible cell sizes Up to 20 µm Up to 40 µm
Cell types Microbial; bacteria and yeast Mammalian; CHO, HEK,
iPSC, and insect cells
Droplet size ~50 pL ~200 pL
Coating Standard Enhanced
Screw in cartridge 20 x 20 Screw in cartridge 40 x 40
Compatible single-cell dispensers B.SIGHT (1st Generation) C.SIGHT, F.SIGHT
Coating Standard Standard, Enhanced
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