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Key Features & Benefits

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Separate lid from microwell plates

Consistent plate handling results in more accurate data overall.

Minimize risk of cross contamination

Hands-free separation keeps lids from coming into direct contact with microwell plates and makes adding supplements less risky.

Adaptable to different systems

EZHold can be used with C.BIRD, C.NEST and S.NEST systems.

Keep fluidic tubes from coming into contact with plates

The device’s stead hold on the lid keeps it from jostling into plates and potentially contaminating samples.

Adaptable plate compatibility

EZHold can handle 93-well and 24-well plates.

Easy-to-use design

Simply place the microwell plate into the lid holder and let the EZHold take care of separating the lid with a single knob.

Product Details

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Efficient lid separation
The EZHold lid holder attaches to a 96- or 24-well plate lid while a knob at the top of the cartridge raises and lowers the plate to your needs. This function ensures that variations in opening the lid between handlers are eliminated, resulting in more accurate data.
Reduced risk of
cross contamination
The EZHold keeps plate lids in one place without direct contact with the plate itself, minimizing the chance of samples contaminating other wells while adding supplements or other components.
Adaptable to your
The EZHold is compatible with the C.BIRD, C.NEST and S.NEST microbioreactor systems and can handle 96- and 24-well plate formats.


Accelerate your research

Use with C.BIRD, C.NEST, and S.NEST microbioreactors to keep lids from coming into direct contact with microwell plates

iPSC research

Single bacteria and yeast isolation


Transfection efficiency

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Product Datasheet

Compatible plates 24-well and 96-well plate
Dimension (W x D x H) 17.8 x 22.3 x 20 cm
Weight 2.2 kg
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