Protein Expression in Microbial Systems

Automating single-cell cloning of bacteria, yeast and other microorganisms

Paving the way for successful biopharmaceuticals

Production of recombinant proteins plays a major role in the life sciences, biotechnology, and medicine, and enables the development and production of many successful biopharmaceuticals. While mammalian systems are the method of choice for monoclonal antibodies requiring human-like glycosylation, microbial expression systems such as bacteria or yeast are widely used for production of peptides, or small to mid-size recombinant proteins such as antibody fragments.

Fast doubling times, high cell densities, and high productivities make organisms such as Escherichia coli or Saccharomyces cerevisiae useful microbial cell factories for drug development, synthetic biology or screening applications.

Single-cell isolation

Single-cell isolation is a key step in the development of stable expression strains. Current workflows for single-cell isolation of bacteria and yeast are based on agar streaking or limiting dilution and are thus often inefficient and time-consuming.

Application note - For scientists by scientists

High-throughput cultivation workflow isolation of Anaerobic Gut Bacteria

b.sight at your service

The b.sight  single-cell dispensing technology allows for efficient single-cell cloning of bacteria, yeast, and other small fungi. Using the b.sight one can directly isolate individual cells into liquid culture –  label-free and automated, saving you times and resources . This allows to bypass streaking on agar and colony picking, which is a manual and time-consuming step.