As the Genomics field pushes forward with more in-depth analysis, innovative methods including the miniaturization of library preparation chemistry have been introduced. This new methodology aims to improve the quality of sequencing while reducing overall costs.

Building on the previous generation of single-cell dispensers and as a purpose-built device, the F.SIGHT OMICS continues CYTENA’s customer-oriented product design. This device has precise cell deposition thanks to the new Automated Offset Correction (AOC) system, where single cells are isolated in PCR plates, in sub microliter droplets, thus enabling downstream miniaturization for NGS Library Preparation. Additionally, with the F.SIGHT OMICS fluorescent sorting, only labelled cells of interest can be isolated for subsequent downstream analysis.

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Key Features & Benefits

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Dual Imaging System

Overlay both brightfield and fluorescent images for precise identification of your cells of interest.

No risk of contamination

Eliminate the risk of cross contamination with single-use EASY.ON cartridges.

Downstream miniaturization

Dispense cells in picolitre droplets into the center of the well in 384-well PCR plates, enabling downstream miniaturization with lysis buffer volumes less than 1 μL.

Fast single-cell dispenser

Isolate an entire 384-well plate with single-cells in under 8 minutes.

Assurance of single-cell isolation

Guarantee monoclonality and single-cell isolation with nozzle images that are recorded for every dispensing.

Minimize cell loss

Capture rare cells with Cell Focusing technology that aligns cells at the center of the dispensing cartridge for superior cell detection.

Product Details

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Specialized for OMICS
The F.SIGHT OMICS is designed to fulfill specific OMICS requirements. The F.SIGHT OMICS’ AOC allows precise and accurate dispensing, in which single cells will be dispensed in picolitre droplets at the center of conical PCR plate wells, thus enabling downstream miniaturization of lysis buffers for NGS library preparation.
Fast and precise dispensing
The F.SIGHT OMICS in combination with EASY.ON cartridges dispenses an entire 384-well plate in under 8 minutes. Cell Focusing will enable you to save rare cells for downstream workflows.
Intuitive design
With a simple and intuitive hardware design, the F.SIGHT OMICS is easy to use from the moment it arrives at your lab.
Powerful software
Set up experiments in a few minutes thanks to the easy and intuitive software. The F.SIGHT OMICS makes it possible to isolate a wide range of samples and the software can provide full resolution brightfield, fluorescence and overlay images.
Automation friendly
The F.SIGHT OMICS’ lid opens automatically, making the device compatible with robotic automation workflows. The instrument has a small footprint and can easily be placed in most biosafety cabinets.


Accelerate your research

Fluorescent single-cell isolation

Single-cell sorting for NGS library preparation

Single-cell proteomics

Single-cell transcriptomics

Single-cell multiomics

Featured Workflow

With the F.SIGHT OMICS, single cells are Isolated in 0.2nL droplets and, thanks to the Automated
Offset Correction system, are precisely dispensed at the very bottom of PCR plates, facilitating
downstream miniaturization in sub-microliter volumes.

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Product Datasheet

SamplesEukaryotic cells
Cell size5 – 40 µm
SortingCell morphology and fluorescence
Droplet volume~200 pL
Substrate96- and 384-well plates
Nozzle imagingCamera CMOS
Magnification 10x
Dual-channel: Brightfield and fluorescence
Fluorescence nozzle imagingEx. 488 nm
Em. 520 +/- 36 nm
Precise dispensing into the center of PCR wellsAutomated Offset Correction (AOC)
Processing timesSingle-cell dispensing 96-well plate: ~ 2 min
Single-cell dispensing 384-well plate: ~ 8 min
CartridgeEASY.ON 40 µm disposable cartridge to avoid cross-contamination
AutomationLid opening and closing
Compatible with standard automation arm and gripper
Compatible with third-party automation clients
Embedded computerWindows
CompatibilityStandard biosafety cabinets class 2
Footprint635 x 400 x 286 mm
Weight40 kg
CertificationCE, CB, UL (TÜV), RoHS
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