Cell Line Development

Central to cell line development workflows is the proof of clonality, efficient single-cell isolation and high cell viability. Our single-cell dispensing technology ensures this and much more.


Given the challenges of combating the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists in both research and diagnostic environments are looking to optimize their workflows for crucial time and cost savings. Discover analyzes of the impact our technologies have made on the COVID-19 research.


Our technology enables the development of cost-efficient and high-purity viral vectors for human gene therapy from cloning single-cells to selecting the most efficient producer cell lines for further manufacturing.

Anaerobic cell isolation

Automated and label-free single-cell isolation from complex microbial samples eliminates the challenges of obtaining pure cultures because of unknown composition and heterogeneous cell replication.

Single-Cell Omics

Our technology ensures that a single cell is deposited, while preserving DNA and RNA expression levels, as well as retaining high cell viability.

Protein Expression in Microbial Systems

Efficient single-cell cloning of bacteria, yeast and other small fungi in a label-free and automated manner saves time and eliminates the need for streaking on agar and colony picking.

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