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Isolate single cells in 96 & 384 well plates. Bright field nozzle imaging with 10x magnification.




Isolate green fluorescent eukaryotic cells in well plates. Bright field and fluorescence imaging. Fully tunable to enable even low intensity samples.



Isolate prokaryotic cells in 96 & 384 well plates. Bright field nozzle imaging with 20x magnification. Sort single bacteria for culture, genomics or mass spec.

Single-cell dispensing working for you

Benefits at a glance


Proof of Clonality

A series of images document proof of single-cell isolation

Image 16@2x

Very high cell viability

Comparable to standard hand pipetting

Image 17@2x

Easy to use

No extensive training or calibration required

Image 15@2x

No cross-contamination

Thanks to the use of disposable cartridges

Dispensing cartridges

Holds your sample in a small reservoir. From here, cells are transported into the micro-fluidic chip. When the cartridge is loaded, it can simply be attached to the dispenser. The dispensers piezo-electric plunger generates tiny droplets of cell suspension from the cartridge without being in direct contact to the sample. 

Cytena 186 - cytena only

The scp™

The single-cell printer™ (scp™) is a benchtop-size, automated single-cell dispenser. The open deck offers 2 separate carriers for loading 96- or 384-well plates. The dispensing head, which houses the dispensing unit and optical lens, can be moved freely on a 3-axis robotic stage.

The c.bird™

c.bird is a high throughput microbioreactor for parallel cultivations in 96-well plates, bringing production bioreactors environments into 150-800 µI microbioreactor scale. It enables earlier identification of the highest producing and most stable clones, reduces later passaging steps and efforts of current scaling up process.



Featuring Immediate Drop-on-demand Technology (I-DOT), the I-DOT is a premier solution for noncontact liquid handling tasks. Optimizing your workflow to bring intuitive automation, precision and speed to every lab. The I-DOT significantly reduces the volume of liquid reagents needed.


Which cytena system is right for you?

Each cytena instrument is designed to document clonality with high-cell viability and no-cross contamination. Whether you are looking to perform specific applications or want a particular product feature, the tables below will help you to find the best system for your needs.





Proof of clonality
All-new software
Automation / API
2nd plate holder
PCR-Plate compatibility
Improved resolution
Fluorescence sorting
Bacteria isolation





Cell line development
Single cell omics
Bacteria isolation

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