Washer Plus Dispenser. A Proven Powerhouse.

The all-new C.WASH PLUS combines a high throughput, automation-ready and patented centrifugal plate washer with precise and dedicated dispensing capabilities for multi-reagent immune and cell-based assays in 96, 384 and 1536 well plate formats.

As a proud part of BICO's Green Label initiative, the C.WASH PLUS not only improves your lab's productivity but also supports environmental sustainability. By choosing this state-of-the-art plate washer and dispenser, you're stepping into a greener future: it reduces plastic waste with its tipless, centrifugal washing feature and speeds up lab processes.

Upgrade your lab with the C.WASH PLUS and make a difference in both science and sustainability.

Oh. So. Plus.

Compatible with any SBS format 96-, 384- and 1536-well plates

Residual volume of <0.1 μL per well for all plate formats

Unmatched washing efficiency of >99.99% after only 2 wash cycles

Low to zero dead volume (liquid switch/priming) enabled by all-new dedicated and precision dispensers

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Key Features & Benefits

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Non-contact, centrifugal liquid washing

No carryovers. No cross-contamination. No use of pipette tips.

Ultra-low residual

Spin your way to 99.99% washing efficiency with less than 0.1µl residual volume and drastically less waste.

Automate entire

12 liquid inputs and the new precision dispenser make it ideal for automating assays such as ELISA or cell staining, compound addition & washing procedures.


Plate perfection: C.WASH nails precise positioning, low-volume dispensing, and gentle evacuation, making cell detachment in 96 to 1536 wells a thing of the past.

Programmable versatility

With the C.WASH PLUS software, tailor your lab's workflow like a pro. Customize dispensing, tweak volumes, pause on demand – the control is all yours; end-to-end.

Effortless maintenance

Our instrument self-cleans like a dream. Just hook up the solution, hit 'clean', and watch it scrub its insides – rotor to head. Lazy maintenance, lasting performance.

Product Details

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Innovative Centrifugal Plate Washing Meets Unrivaled Washing Efficiency

C.WASH PLUS redefines plate washing with its centrifugal approach – efficient, fast, and reliable. Achieve over 99.99% washing efficiency (after 2 wash cycles) with less than 0.1 µL residual volume in each well, all in under a minute per cycle. This means fewer wash cycles and reduced reagent use – saving you time and money.

Dispenser: Gentle, Efficient, Precise And Dedicated

C.WASH PLUS isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a revolution in lab tech. Now equipped with a precision dispenser, it’s the epitome of gentle yet efficient lab work. Picture this: dispensing with such precision and accuracy that your cells feel like they’re at a spa, not a lab. Low to zero dead volume? Check. Dispensing down to the last drop with higher accuracy? Double-check. And flexibility? It’s like a Swiss Army knife for your assays, with up to 12 liquid inputs to automate complex procedures like ELISA or cell staining. The real clincher? It’s cell friendly. We’re talking about precision plate positioning and adjustable pressure that keep cells snug in their wells across 96, 384, and 1536 well plates. So, cells stay put, and you stay ahead. C.WASH PLUS isn’t just doing the job; it’s setting new standards.

Plus, with automation and without needles to clog, it offers increased reliability and more hands-off operation. C.WASH PLUS isn’t just efficient; it’s a game-changer in automated workflows. 

Plus-Sized Data

C.WASH PLUS changes the game in compound profiling. Less background noise, sharper signal-to-noise ratios, and rock-solid % CV – that’s reliability you can count on. Manual washing? It’s hit or miss. But C.WASH PLUS delivers even, consistent results every time. Think smaller CVs, improved Z-factors – the kind of data that speaks for itself. It’s not just an upgrade; it’s a whole new standard in the lab.

Automate Entire Assays

12 liquid inputs and the new precision dispenser make the C.WASH PLUS the ideal system for automating entire assays such as ELISA or cell staining & washing procedures.

Clog-Free Waste Removal

Keep your C.WASH PLUS automated microplate washer running smoothly with little maintenance thanks to the active pump waste system which prevents clogging in the internal tubing. This benchtop instrument with a clog-free design makes integration into any lab configuration easy.

Product Details - Clog-Free Waste Removal

Tip Consumption Calculator

Save money and the planet by reducing the number of pipettes and liquid handler tips your lab uses. Use the Tip Consumption Calculator and see how quickly you can recover the cost of the C.WASH PLUS automated microplate washer and dispenser using only pipette tip savings.

Seamless Automation and Integration

C.WASH PLUS is SiLA2 compliant, which means it can be seamlessly integrated into automated platforms. Its compatibility and ease of integration simplify the incorporation of the instrument into your existing systems.

Software: Programmable Plus Versatile

The C.WASH PLUS software was designed with ease of use in mind, and its automation saves valuable time. With an intuitive design and quick access tabs, the C.WASH PLUS ensures that you are as efficient as possible. The well-documented communication via SiLA2 interface allows integration with APIs and is compatible with third-party control software.


Accelerate your research

Assay Automation

To fully automate common cell-based assay protocols, several buffers and staining solutions need to be dispensed. Some of these reagent are expensive and require a precise dispensing with minimal dead-volumes. Additionally, in order to automate the entire ELISA protocol, additional reagents need to be dispensed: a coating buffer, a blocking buffer, and antibody solutions. Some of these reagent are also expensive and require a precise dispensing with minimal dead-volumes. Assay automation with minimal waste is now made possible with the C.WASH PLUS.

Immunoassays (e.g. ELISA plate washing and multiplexed protein assays such as MSD)

ELISAs are very sensitive immunoassays, therefore cross contamination and/or pipetting inaccuracies may result in high coefficient of variation (CV). The accurate non-contact dispensing limits both cross contamination and therefore reduces CV. Moreover, the lower residual volume after washing enables better washing efficiency and reduces the number of washes required.

Cell Washing – Adherent and Suspension Cells

Use the C.WASH PLUS as a simple and reproducible method to wash suspension cells. Following centrifugation of the plate to pellet cells, the liquid supernatant is then evacuating using the C.WASH PLUS, resulting in washes with consistent low residual volume and with maximal cell retention as compared to manual workflow.

Plate Coating

Coating wells with proteins or peptides maximizes cell adhesion in your microplates. Streamline the coating process in your laboratory using the C.WASH PLUS. Dispense the coating solution, choose your incubation time and wash and dry the plates for optimum and reproducible coating of your plates.

ELISA Assay Automation

Washing in 1536-well format (HTS)

Media Exchange

Meso Scale Discovery
Electrochemiluminescence (MSD) Assays

Featured Workflow

C.WASH PLUS automates all the washing and dispensing steps in a typical screening workflow,
making it an essential device for drug discovery or gene editing in HTS environments.

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Product Datasheet

C.WASH PLUS centrifugal washer products are manufactured under an exclusive
license from Yantai Ausbio Laboratories
Liquid Removal
Plate compatibility (format)96, 384, 1536
Plate compatibility (height)standard 14.4 up to 20.1 mm with customized carrier
Residual volume< 0.1µl per well for all plate formats
Centrifugal forces5 to 3500 rpm (450g)
max acceleration/deceleration 2000 rpm
Standard Dispenser (Membrane Pump & Electromechanical Valve)
Dispense head8-needle, 16-needle
Liquid inputs2 dedicated, 6 shared (Auto switching (internal) for up to 6 liquid input channels)
Dispensing accuracy & precision (standard dispenser) < 10% CV @30 µl Standard,
< 5% CV @2 μl Precision
Adjustable dispense pressureyes (3 levels)
Deadvolume internal (tube volume)8 ml multiplex
Deadvolume (liquid switch/priming)down to 0 µl (dedicated dispense heads)
Volume range standard dispenser8-needle dispense head: > 10 μl
16-needle dispense head: > 5 μl
Dispense speed – 96-well (50µl)11 seconds
Dispense speed – 384-well (25µl)15 seconds
Precision Dispenser (Pressure-Over-Liquid)
Dispense head8-needle mounted on y-axis
Liquid inputs4
Adjustable dispense pressureyes
Deadvolume3 ml
Dispensing accuracy & precision (precision dispenser) < 5% CV @2 µl Standard
Volume range precision dispenserdown to 2 µl
Dispense speed – 96-well (100µl)24 seconds
Dispense speed – 384-well (50µl)63 seconds
Dispense speed – 1536-well (5µl)180 seconds
Washing Speed
Processing speed 96-well 1 wash cycle43 seconds
Processing speed 96-well 2 wash cycles 60 seconds
Processing speed 384-well 1 wash cycle 54 seconds
Processing speed 384-well 2 wash cycles 70 seconds
Processing speed 1536-well 1 wash cycle (precision) 3 minutes
Liquid Waste System
Active Pump for rapid liquid removal from wash drum
Plate positioningBand drive + linear magnetic sensor;
accuracy: +/- 100 µm
User interfaceTouchpad (included)
AutomationSiLA2 interface is compatible with third-party integration
Washing efficiency > 99.5% after 1 wash cycle,
> 99.99% after 2 wash cycles
Dimensions (W x D x H)410x615x300 mm
Weight35.2 kg

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