Anaerobic cell isolation

Automated single-cell isolation from complex microbial samples

Challenges in isolating microbes

A critical step in the process of isolating and studying microbes from complex communities is the efficient separation of single community members to obtain pure cultures. This is complicated by the uneven distribution and high complexity of mixed microbial samples such those from human feces, or from environmental sources like marine samples or waste water. 


Solving complex single-cell isolation

Traditionally this is done by colony streaking on agar plates or dilution-to-extinction. Using these methods, it is difficult to obtain pure cultures due to the unknown composition and heterogeneous cell replication rates. The B.SIGHT™ enables automated and label-free single-cell isolation from complex microbial samples.

Anaerobic single-cell isolation made easy

The b.sight can readily isolate and deposit a single cell per well in liquid culture media or directly onto solid agar. Due to a small footprint and simple handling, the device can be easily accommodated in anaerobic workstations commonly used for handling strict anaerobes in appropriate conditions.

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