F.QUANT, powered by PAIA, is a bead- and plate-based fluorescence assay that measures the concentration of target antibodies in biological samples (e.g. serum, plasma and culture supernatant). The kit contains a bead-filled 384-well plate and a fluorescent reagent mix for fast and direct titer measurement, enabling reliable identification of high-producing cell lines for manufacturing biotherapeutics and high-throughput antibody discovery workflows.

CYTENA offers two different F.QUANT Titer assay kits. The F.QUANT Fc Titer assay is specific for Fc in IgG and other proteins containing the Fc part of IgG, such as Fc fusion proteins and bispecifics, while the F.QUANT Fab Titer assay recognizes human Fab fragments.

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Key Features & Benefits

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Direct titer
from supernatant

Mix your sample with the F.QUANT Titer mix in the F.QUANT Titer plate for direct quantification.

No cell removal
or wash necessary

Pipette the supernatant directly into the F.QUANT Titer plate without washing steps needed, given that residual cells do not affect the results.

Optimized for clone
screening in CLD

Use our optimized protocols for monoclonal antibodies.

Mix, shake and
read workflow

Easily measure the titer of your samples in just a few simple steps.

Simple automation
on liquid handlers

Set up the F.QUANT Titer assay easily in your automated CLD workflows.

Assays require
as little as 5 µL

Take out a small volume of cell supernatant for measurements and continue with culturing.

Product Details

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Kit contents
Each kit includes 384-well F.QUANT Titer Plates, with capture beads in each well, and the corresponding fluorescent F.QUANT Titer Mix.

Choose the best
producing clone

Increasing concentrations of Trastuzumab (0 – 200 µg/mL) are measured as duplicates using the F.QUANT Fc Titer assay. Signal intensities are detected using a fluorescence microplate reader.


Accelerate your research

Monoclonal antibody titer quantification

Bispecific titer quantification

Fc fusion protein titer quantification

Fluorescent titer quantification

Bead-based titer quantification

Featured Workflow

Run your titer quantification assays in just a few simple steps: Combine the F.QUANT Titer Mix with a supernatant in the F.QUANT Titer Plate, shake the plate and read on a fluorescence microplate reader.

Mix, shake and read protocol
for titer quantification assays

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Product Datasheet

F.QUANT Fc TiterCY.FQ.TIT.103Excitation 640 nm
Emission 665 nm
10x 384-well F.QUANT Fc Titer Plate and 200 mL Fc Titer Mix4ºC
F.QUANT Fab TiterCY.FQ.TIT.104Excitation 640 nm
Emission 665 nm
10x 384-well F.QUANT Fab Titer Plate and 200 mL Fab Titer Mix4ºC
F.QUANT Fc Titer Trial SizeCY.FQ.TIT.101Excitation 640 nm
Emission 665 nm
2x 384-well F.QUANT Fc Titer Plate and 2x 25 mL Fc Titer Mix4ºC
F.QUANT Fab Titer Trial SizeCY.FQ.TIT.102Excitation 640 nm
Emission 665 nm
2x 384-well F.QUANT Fab Titer Plate and 2x 25 mL Fab Titer Mix4ºC
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