Comprehensive Cell Status Monitoring with CASY

Label-free with outstanding precision and reproducibility.

Thousands of users trust CASY

For years, CASY has been a reliable workhorse in cell-culture laboratories. CASY is referenced in more than 2,000 publications, you will find it in a myriad of publications and PhD theses and on laboratory benches around the world.

How does it work?

CASY quantifies cells and particles passing a measuring pore exposed to a low voltage electrical field. Based on a cell’s size and conductivity, a resistance signal is generated and recorded. Living cells generate high resistance signals due to their intact membrane structure. Dying or dead cells cause much lower resistance due to their increased membrane permeability and are measured by the size of their cell nuclei.

Advantages designed for your success

Get a look into why CASY cell counter ensures superior performance.

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Label-free cell status. Instantly.
Within seconds, measurement is performed noninvasively without using distorting dyes.

Statistically relevant data.
Analysis of more than 4,000 cells per run ensures statistically significant results.

Get the full picture.
CASY quantifies all relevant parameters of cells, including cell viability, cell size and aggregation—at extremely low running costs.

Certified lifetime calibaration.
Guaranteed maximum ±2% variation comparing measurements and instruments.

Integrate QA system                                                                                  Automatic electronic monitoring of all relevant parameters of the system.

GLP/GMP compliance.
Connect the tablet directly to your computer to drag-and-drop your models in seconds.

Enhance your work in the following applications

Mammalian Cell Counting

Before starting long-term experiments with high-value mammalian cells, it is important to precisely count cells. The CASY provides these comprehensive insights into cell health, viability and aggregation in one easy measurement.

Bacterial Cell Counting

CASY’s 45 μm capillary is ideally suited to monitor bacterial proliferation and aggregation. Researchers can plot changes in cell volume and number and monitor biovolume with an easy-to-use, dye-free tool.

T-cell monitoring

CASY can be used to monitor T-cell cultures for immunotherapeutic approaches by determining cell size and cell proliferation during T-cell stimulation.

Featured workflow

Our extensive product portfolio offers a range of innovative technologies and instruments for significantly increasing the speed, quality and efficiency of your cell line development workflows. The CASY cell counter, for example, streamlines your sample preparation with fast and easy-to-use cell counting and analyzing.

transfection ny2

1. Transfection


2. Cell counting

f.sight casy workflow

3. Single-cell cloning & proof of clonality

c.bird casy workflow

4. Early suspension culture & upscaling

bioreactor casy workflow

5. Bioreactor 0.2-20 l

icon_real time PCR - Pooling library

6. Selection of high producer clones

transfection ny2



Cell counting

f.sight casy workflow

Single-cell cloning & proof of clonality

c.bird casy workflow

Early suspension culture & upscaling

bioreactor casy workflow

Bioreactor 0.2-20 l

icon_real time PCR - Pooling library

Selection of high producer clones

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