Automated, reproducible, and tip-less DNA purification.

Automates bead-based nucleic acid purification for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and PCR. Based on our revolutionary and patented centrifugal liquid evacuation technology, the G.PURE increases data quality and reduces cost and timelines in high-throughput NGS sample preparation workflows.

Compatible with 96- and 384-well PCR microplates, it enables efficient and automated purification of nucleic acids using ferromagnetic beads – without consuming hundreds of pipette tips, allowing you to process an entire 384-plate in under 2 minutes for rapid and efficient workflow.

Ideal for automated DNA cleanup, nucleic acid isolation, and size selection in PCR and NGS library preparation workflows, it delivers high-quality results in molecular biology laboratories. With its non-contact liquid removal and dispensing technology and low residual volume the G.PURE is compatible with all common NGS library preparation protocols and bead types.

The ability to cleanup hundreds of samples within minutes without consuming pipette tips makes it an ideal solution for high throughput NGS workflows and single-cell sequencing applications such as SMART-seq.

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Key Features & Benefits

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Non-contact bead cleanup

G.PURE employs centrifugal technology for non-contact liquid removal and dispensing, which effectively minimizes DNA carry-over and contamination. DNA cleanup using G.PURE has never been faster: remove the beads supernatant, and perform 2 washes of ethanol, without a single pipette tip, and in only 2 minutes.

Supports multiple plate sizes

Experience enhanced nucleic acid purification capabilities with the G.PURE. This advanced system not only enables efficient purification from 96-well PCR plates but also empowers you to maximize throughput by extending its functionality to 384-well PCR plates. For higher volume (e.g in 96-well plate format) the new optimized G.PURE magnets ensure a rapid bead capture (<1 min)

Low residual volume

The G.PURE ensures complete liquid removal with residual volumes <0.1 µl, resulting in ultra-pure target DNA. Precise control over final ethanol evaporation: consistent plate to plate operation: beads too dry or too much residual ethanol? G.PURE offers a fast and consistent drying of beads across all samples results in improved library quality. Program the drying step with our protocol editor.

Environmentally Friendly

Make a positive impact on your lab's environmental footprint with the G.PURE. Minimize the usage of pipette and liquid handler tips and utilize The Tip Consumption Calculator to visualize the eco-friendly benefits.

Compatible with common NGS protocols

Effortlessly purify and size-select your amplified PCR reactions, DNA, or RNA libraries with the G.PURE, ensuring the removal of unwanted fragments and contaminants. Compatible with all common protocols (i.e. SMART-seq3, FLASH-seq) and bead types (AMPure XP, Mag-Bind® TotalPure NGS…), and more, it offers seamless integration into your workflow.

Fast and automated

Experience rapid and streamlined library cleanup with the new G.PURE magnetic carriers. This fully automated and stand-alone system completes the process in under 2 minutes for 96- or 384-well plates, freeing up your valuable time to focus on critical quality control steps.

Product Details

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Liquid removal
Achieve rapid and contamination-free liquid removal with the G.PURE, utilizing non-contact centrifugal forces to eliminate carryover and cross-contamination within seconds. Enjoy added convenience with the inclusion of compatible balance plates for both 96- and 384-well formats, eliminating the hassle of configuring a separate plate for the balance slot.
Efficiently dispense liquid onto the plate by connecting it to one of the 4 liquid input channels with an auto priming function. The angled dispensing feature enables precise targeting of the well walls, ensuring the preservation of ferromagnetic beads and minimizing the risk of detaching the bead pellet and causing any loss of bound DNA.
Cleanup efficiency
Experience the exceptional bead cleanup efficiency of the G.PURE, with a residual volume <0.1 µl, resulting in reduced washing cycles and providing precise control over the final ethanol evaporation step. This level of control allows consistently dry the beads from plate to plate, enhancing library quality, ensuring optimal results for your research.
Unlock a seamless workflow experience with the user-friendly software of the G.PURE, providing step-by-step guidance throughout your protocol. Customize your protocols to your preferences, whether it is setting pause time for controlled bead settling, preserving reagents by skipping columns, or adjusting the acceleration and deceleration of centrifugation. This level of flexibility empowers you to optimize every aspect of your workflow, ensuring optimal results for your research.
Well-documented communication via the Standardization in Laboratory Automation interface (SiLA2) allows integration with Automation Programming Interface (API) and is compatible with third-party control software.​
Waste system
Efficient waste management is ensured through the utilization of an active pump, which effectively prevents clogging in the internal tubing. This feature not only optimizes instrument performance but also minimizes the instrument’s footprint, facilitating seamless integration into any lab setup.
Tip Consumption Calculator
The dependency on pipette and liquid handler tips is costly on the wallet as well as the environment. Use the Tip Consumption Calculator to see how many tips you are using in a year and how long it will take you to recover the cost of a C.WASH using only pipette tip savings.
Easy maintenance
Experience hassle-free maintenance with the G.PURE, featuring a built-in cleaning protocol that ensures consistent high-performance of the instrument over time. Additionally, the easy access to the dispensing manifolds allows for quick cleaning in a sonication bath in the event of needle clogging caused by salts. Enjoy uninterrupted operation and peace of mind with the G.PURE’s user-friendly maintenance features.
Multiple Applications
Streamline workflows with versatile automation. Compatible with 96- and 384-well microplates, it utilizes magnetic plate carriers for efficient purification using ferromagnetic beads, delivering reliable results across applications.


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DNA Purification

Ferromagnetic beads have become the gold standard for DNA cleanup in molecular biology applications such as next-generation sequencing (NGS), polymerase chain reaction (PCR), quantitative PCR (qPCR), droplet digital PCR (ddPCR), and other amplification and genotyping techniques. Their effectiveness in nucleic acid isolation and purification, including DNA, RNA, plasmids, and mitochondrial DNA, is widely recognized. Furthermore, ferromagnetic beads are highly valuable for size selection, allowing researchers to isolate specific DNA fragments based on their size range. The G.PURE's compatibility with ferromagnetic bead-based protocols makes it an ideal solution for nucleic acid purification and size selection.

Single cell sequencing

The increasing popularity of single-cell sequencing and the reduced cost of high-throughput sequencing have led to a significant rise in the number of samples requiring processing. The G.PURE is designed to meet these demands, offering automation and compatibility to handle larger sample volumes efficiently, notably on the 384-format.

Protein isolation

Beyond nucleic acid applications, ferromagnetic beads also play a crucial role in protein purification. They enable the capture and isolation of target proteins from complex samples. The G.PURE's compatibility with ferromagnetic bead-based protocols extends its utility to protein purification workflows, ensuring streamlined and reliable protein isolation.

The G.PURE with its compatibility with ferromagnetic bead-based protocols provides an essential tool for automated DNA cleanup, nucleic acid isolation, size selection, and protein purification. It is highly versatile and efficient, supporting a wide range of applications in molecular biology laboratories, delivering consistent and high-quality results.

Cell in suspension

Use the C.WASH as a simple and reproducible method to wash suspension cells. Following centrifugation of the plate to pellet cells, the liquid supernatant is then evacuating using the C.WASH, resulting in washes with consistent low residual volume and with maximal cell retention as compared to manual workflow.

Plate coating

Coating wells with proteins or peptides maximizes cell adhesion in your microplates. Streamline the coating process in your laboratory using the C.WASH. Dispense the coating solution, choose your incubation time and wash and dry the plates for optimum and reproducible coating of your plates.

Featured Workflow

Enjoy automated and contact-less nucleic acid purification with ferromagnetic beads and G.PURE System. Combine sample with the beads and place them on the magnetic carrier of the G.PURE.
G.PURE automates the bead cleanup, removing impurities and contaminants while retaining the nucleic acids. After purification, the G.PURE elutes the nucleic acids for downstream analysis.
This automated system eliminates the need for pipetting and significantly reduces processing time, making it a fast and efficient solution for nucleic acid purification.
Following nucleic acid elution, quality control (QC) of the purified nucleic acids can be performed to ensure their suitability for downstream applications such as sequencing and data analysis. (in case we want to explain something for the sequencing / data analysis)

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Product Datasheet

C.WASH centrifugal washer products are manufactured under an exclusive
license from Yantai Ausbio Laboratories
Plate compatibilityPCR plate low-profile (height up to 16.1 mm)
96-well plates (skirted, semi-skirted, unskirted)
384-well PCR plates
Centrifugal liquid removal1 to 80g
Dispense head8-needle and 16-needle for 96- and 384-well plates
Residual volume< 0.1 μL per well for all plate formats
User interfaceTouchpad (included)
SoftwareUser-friendly software on Microsoft Surface or Windows PC
AutomationSiLA2 interface is compatible with third-party integration
Dispensing accuracy & precision< 5% @300 μL across the plate,
< 3% (CV) @300 μL
Washing efficiency> 99.5% after 1 wash cycle
> 99.99% after 2 wash cycles
Bead separation timePowerful magnets allows completion within a time frame of 30 seconds on 96-format and 3 minutes on 384-format
Processing speed96-well 1 wash cycle ≤ 47 seconds
96-well 2 wash cycles ≤ 81 seconds
384-well 1 wash cycle ≤ 52 seconds
384-well 2 wash cycles ≤ 85 seconds
Dimensions & weight385 x 600 x 205 mm (W x D x H)
Weight25 kg
Liquid inputsAuto switching (internal) for up to 4 liquid input channels
Volume range8-needle dispense head: > 10 μL
16-needle dispense head: > 5μL
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