Dispensing Cartridge

A disposable, one-way dispensing cartridge

dispensing cartrigde

A disposable, one-way dispensing cartridge

The patented single-cell dispensing technology, developed by CYTENA, enables fully automated isolation of single cells developed by microfluidic experts to ensure cell viability remaining dispensing process which is even more gentle as hand pipetting. The instrument uses an inkjet-like principle featuring a disposable, one-way dispensing cartridge.

Low dead volume

Load up to 80 μL of single cell solution with a dead volume of <1μL

Ease of use

Single use cartridges, designed for non-contact dispensing ensuring no cross contamination 


UV sterilizable and single packed


Animal-component freeBSE / TSE freeno cytotoxic materials

How it works

This cartridge holds your sample in a small reservoir. From here, cells are transported into the micro-fluidic chip. When the cartridge is loaded, it can simply be attached to the dispenser. The dispensers piezo-electric plunger generates tiny droplets of cell suspension from the cartridge without being in direct contact to the sample. 

Every droplet that contains a single-cell of interest can be sorted into your desired substrate. Dispense as many single cells you need with one cartridge. Once you change samples or have isolated a sufficient amount of cells, just detach the cartridge and dispose it.

An innovative approach

The single-packed, sterilized cartridges can simply be loaded by hand-pipetting. Its silicon micro-fluidic chip generates free-flying picoliter droplets acting as transport vessels for the cells. One cartridge can fill many well-plates with single cells. After use, the cartridge is disposed. This innovative approach prevents cross-contamination and saves extensive cleaning steps. 


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