Precise and accurate single-cell dispensing into PCR plates for downstream miniaturization


  • Bright-field and fluorescent sorting
  • Low-pressure system minimizes cell stress
  • Single-use cartridge requires no cleaning, reducing the risk of cross contamination
  • Rapid start-up and operation, filling a 384-well plate less than 8 minutes

Precise dispensing enables downstream miniaturization

  • Automated offset correction (AOC) adjusts droplet trajectory.
  • Precise and reproducible cell deposition into PCR plates.
  • Enables downstream miniaturization with lysis buffer volumes less than 1 μL.

Improved, disposable,
dispensing, cartridge

Gentle dispensing

Higher cell viability

EASY.ON magnetic holder

User-friendly handling

Faster setup time

Cartridges with improved coating

For a broad variety of samples

Low cartridge-to-cartridge variation

Cell focusing technology

  • Gentle alignment of cells in the center of the dispensing cartridge for better cell detection
  • Increases processing speeds and cell recovery
  • Significantly improves handling rare cells

Automated Offset Correction (AOC)

  • AOC adjusts droplet trajectory
  • Ensuring precise and reproducible cell deposition at the center of each well (96/384)
  • Enabling downstream miniaturization of cell lysis in sub-microliter volumes (< 1 µl)
  • Comprehensive documentation: images available for every AOC measurement documenting the offset

Guaranteed assurance of single-cell dispensation

  • Time lapse of single-cell deposition
  • Clonality probability ~99%
  • Nozzle images available for every well documenting dispensation of single cells
  • Comprehensive documentation

Processing Times

System boot until experiment starts <5 min
Dispensing (96-well plate) single cells ~2 min
Dispensing (384-well plate) single cells ~8 min
Shutdown and cleaning time <5 min


Bright-field and fluorescence

  • Innovative dual-camera system
  • Simultaneous capture of bright-field and fluorescence images at full resolution
  • Control both cameras independently and freely adjust the power setting for the built-in blue laser
  • Image-based cell detection

Fast and gentle single cell dispensing

  • Low impact on cell viability/integrity
  • Single cells are gently dispensed into a 96-well plate in less than 2 minutes
  • or into a 384-well plate in less than 7 minutes
  • Only 5-80 µl sample volume required

EASY.ON cartridges

  • Exclusive cartridge is magnetically mounted for quick and easy loading
  • Engineered by microfluidic experts to ensure cell viability with the gentlest handling
  • Its single-use design eliminates the risk of cross contamination between samples

Compatible with robotic automation workflows

  • F.SIGHT Omics’ lid opens automatically, making the fastest single-cell dispenser fully compatible with robotic automation workflows

Intuitive software

  • Intuitively designed and fast
  • Individual fluorescence experiments can be set up within minutes
  • Get separate full-resolution bright-field and fluorescence imaging along with an overlay image

Cell focusing technology

  • Gently aligns cells at the center of the dispensing cartridge for superior cell detection
  • Cell morphology is captured and measured
  • Increased processing speed and minimal cell loss; significant improvements when working with rare cell types


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