Accelerate your single microbial isolation workflows

Our high-throughput microbial isolation platform for genomics, anaerobic cultivation and strain development.

The second generation of B.SIGHT is a microbial isolation platform that uses cutting-edge optical microscopy and our single-cell dispensing technology to enable isolation of the smallest microbial cells. This device revolutionizes microbiology research by allowing rapid and efficient isolation of bacteria from complex microbiome samples or transformed yeast and/or bacteria cultures used for strain development.

Why we stand out

  • Fast high-throughput single-cell isolation and cloning of microorganism
  • Isolate single bacteria in 384-well plate in under 8 minutes
  • Precise deposition of single cells onto PCR plates
  • Assurance of clonality
  • Fully operational inside of anaerobic cabinets
  • Automation Friendly


  • Bright-field and fluorescent sorting
  • Low-pressure system minimizes cell stress
  • Single-use cartridge requires no cleaning, reducing the risk of cross contamination
  • Simple and fast operation, isolation into a 384-well plate in less than 8 minutes

Eliminate cross contamination

Gentle Dispensing

E. coli cell viability >90%
Yeast viability >98%

EASY.ON Design

Effortless loading
Ideal for anaerobic cabinets


Single bacteria dispensing using single-cell technology

Precise single-cell dispensing into PCR plates

  • Automated Offset Correction ensures precise and reproducible cell deposition at the center of each well (96/384)
  • Enabling downstream miniaturization of cell lysis in sub-microliter volumes (< 1 µl)
  • Tailored for single-cell genomics for uncultivated microbiota

Assurance of single-cell dispensing

  • Real time imaging and processing of single-cell dispensing
  • Reliable single cell cloning of bacteria and yeast
  • Nozzle images documented for every isolation event

Unprecedented dispensing speed

Isolation of microorganisms into multi-well plates is completed in minutes. B.SIGHT can dispense into single, 96- or 384- microwell low-profile deep well plates.

Processing Times

System boot until experiment starts <5 min
Dispensing (96-well plate) single cells ~3 min
Dispensing (384-well plate) single cells ~8 min
Shutdown and cleaning time <5 min

Integrate into your automated workflows

The B.SIGHT can be readily integrated into automated strain development and microbiome workflows.

After dispensing is complete, B.SIGHT’s lid automatically opens allowing robotic arms to transfer the plate downstream for further processing.

B.SIGHT – Accelerating bacteria transformation and cloning workflows using microbial single-cell isolation

B.SIGHT – High-throughput Cultivation Workflow for Isolation of Anaerobic Gut Bacteria

B.SIGHT – Sequencing Single-cell Genomes of Uncultivated Bacteria in the Human Oral Microbiome


Meet our experts online to learn more

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