Real-time direct detection of cytotoxicity

with C.LIVE Tox Green and C.LIVE Tox Red

Real-time direct detection of cytotoxicity

with C.LIVE Tox Green and C.LIVE Tox Red

Cytotoxicity assays measure the toxic effects on cells from drugs and physical stressors. C.LIVE Tox reagents measure cytotoxicity in real-time using a simple mix-and-read workflow.

C.LIVE Tox Green and Red are sensitive DNA-binding dyes that are nonpermeable to viable cells and nonfluorescent on the outside. After entering dead cells through damaged plasma membranes and binding to DNA, the reagent emits bright fluorescence. The growth and morphology of healthy cells are not affected by the addition of C.LIVE Tox reagents.

Advantages of CYTENA cytotoxicity assays


Direct detection of dead cells with C.LIVE Tox reagents


Optimized for long-term live cell studies


Easy mix-and-read workflow


Kinetic monitoring of cytotoxicity by measuring fluorescent objects over time

Mix-and-read workflow

Run your cytotoxicity assays in three simple steps: Plate the cells, add compounds with C.LIVE Tox reagent and monitor cell health kinetically using the CELLCYTE X imaging system.


Use the CELLCYTE X to image and quantify fluorescent signals of your cytotoxicity assay without removing the cells from the incubator.

HeLa cells were treated with increasing concentrations of Staurosporine. C.LIVE Tox Green was added to each well (250 nM) and time-lapse images were obtained with the CELLCYTE X. The control well shows minimal green signal compared to Staurosporine-treated well at 48 hours (left panel). Automated quantification shows the time- and dose-dependent toxicity effects of Staurosporine (right panel).

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