The next-generation microbioreactor for Cell Line Development

Accelerate your cell line development workflow with our revolutionary cell culture technology

As the biopharmaceutical industry expands, companies are looking for competitive advantages in cell line development. The S.NEST, a high-throughput microbioreactor with CO2 incubator functions, shortens the process time for cell upscaling, provides a better microscale environment for cell growth, and brings more efficiency to cell line selection.

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Culture: High-throughput cultivation that enables the incubation of four 24-well or 96-well plates at once.


Optimize: Customizable mixing levels thanks to a unique fluid control system that increases cell growth.

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Improve: Innovative components and thoughtful design which minimizes the impact of evaporation.


Monitor: Real-time monitoring of pH and dissolved oxygen (DO) values during entire cell culture time line


Analyze: Intuitive software analysis that transforms data to insights


Trust: Reliable results allowing you to improve your cell culture workflow


The S.NEST introduces suspension culture and late-stage bioreactor conditions to the early-stage cell line development pipeline, providing more growing space and oxygen than static cultures. When using the S.NEST, cells show higher density and viability compared to normal incubation, and weeks of cell expansion are no longer necessary.

The upper section has four incubation chambers, and each includes a thermal module, water tray and air/CO2 inlet pore and sensor. Each chamber also has individual environmental controls and can fit one 96- or 24-well culture plate, enabling the cell culturing of as many as 384 wells at once.

The lower section is a motion camera module that detects the optical signals from the sensors of each plate within 5 minutes and displays real-time monitoring data on the S.NEST software.

Optical sensors are attached to the bottom of each well to monitor the pH and DO value of all wells simultaneously.

Real-time monitoring

The S.NEST software displays the sensor results and allows users to adjust environmental controls.

Consumables for optimal cell culture

The S.NEST lid comes with 96 or 24 fluidic channels format, covering the corresponding well plates. The patented condenser design in the fluidic channels effectively reduces liquid evaporation. The condensation collected at the surface of condenser circulate back to the culture every mixing.

Increased oxygen transfer

The S.NEST exerts suction or expulsion pressure through the fluidic channels to enable homogenous reciprocating mixing. Adjustable mixing control minimizes shear rate for different cell lines.

The oxygen transfer tubes connecting to the lid offer the cells a continuous oxygen supply to maintain a healthy environment.


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Cell Line Development

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High-throughput Suspension Culture


Cell Culture Upscaling

Featured workflow

Combined with single-cell dispensers such as UP.SIGHT™, laboratories can save up to 13 weeks of processing time.

Ready to accelerate your cell line development workflow?

Ready to accelerate your cell line development workflow?