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By providing the finest biosciences technologies to scientists and lab technicians around the world, CYTENA is creating the future of medicine. We aim to deliver automated and highly efficient lab workflows for improved cell line development, microbiome, live cell imaging, liquid handling and omics applications that enable new discoveries in areas such as drug development and health care research. We believe in world class technologies for groundbreaking science.​

Our story

CYTENA, the premier provider of single-cell dispensers, liquid handlers and live cell analyzers, started out in 2014 as a spin-off from the Laboratory for MEMS Applications and the Hahn-Schickard Institute in Freiburg, Germany.

In 2019, CYTENA joined the world’s leading bioconvergence company BICO, which encompasses 1000+ colleagues and 13 companies and offers a portfolio of technologies, products and services to create the future of medicine.

Our technologies

The UP.SIGHT™, our newest offering, combines CYTENA’s patented, fast, gentle and widely recognized single-cell dispensing technology with a high quality imaging system, leading to a probability of clonality >99.999%. ​

​Driven by our vision to create the future of medicine, we continuously develop technologies and products for sorting and analyzing single and multicell applications, such as single-cell omics, liquid handling, cell imaging and cell line development. We are pleased that most of the worlds top pharmaceutical companies use our instruments in their cell line development workflows.

We are growing


Why we are different

Team spirit

People around you make the difference. They are the ones who drive, challenge and encourage you. It was only through our combined efforts that we achieved what constitutes CYTENA today. This is what makes us one great team. That is why it is especially important to us that new team members fit in with our team. As a unified international and cross-functional team, we take CYTENA to the next level on a daily basis!

Modern start-up culture

We are open minded, driven and enjoy our work. We value a pleasant working atmosphere and strive to make CYTENA a fun, rewarding and productive place to work. We foster a culture built on constructive feedback that champions transparency and mutual respect. At CYTENA, we are all about growth, not only of the big picture but also the personal growth of our employees. We facilitate this by providing well-equipped workstations, training and coaching, helping with individual needs, and creating an agile environment that is enticing and a pleasure to be a part of.

Customers come first

Quality, utility and usability are the key factors in the success of a product. Therefore, we are committed to providing our customers with technologically advanced products and excellent service to support their projects and research. We love being customer focused and are pleased that our instruments and technologies are being used around the world in myriad settings—from clinical and biomedical research to the pharmaceutical industry. We are driven by a desire to source life science instruments of the highest quality with the most user-friendly interfaces.

Our milestones

Trusted by leading pharma institutions


“Single cell efficacy: 70-93%; Colony efficacy: 58-91% (after optimization) [...] The plating effort (to get single cells) can be lowered compared to limited dilution and FACS single cell deposition by the factor 4-5 [...]”
Rating: 5.0
- A. Mayer-Bartschmid, Senior Scientist
“[cytena’s] cloning platform is suitable for generating clonal cell lines with a probability of ≥99.9%... Overall, the implementation of this novel technology provides significant advantages over traditional methods with respect to cost, simplicity, timing and flexibility.“
Rating: 5.0
- C. Lovelady, Senior Scientist
“When using the scp™, the number of monoclonal cell lines increased 6-fold compared to the limiting dilution process, therefore increasing the number of pools that could be cloned… By implementing both of these technologies, the cell line development process can be decreased from 9 months to 6 months.”
Rating: 5.0
- A. Mahé, Scientist

We are growing!

We hire talented candidates who are excited about making an impact. Compassion, empathy, kindness, and other qualities that speak to one’s character are the additional values we look for in potential team members. You will join a multinational, dedicated team of employees who are driven by their passion for what they do.

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