The C.WASH is our innovative plate washer designed for automated and contactless washing of microtiter plates.​ It is the perfect solution for labs focusing on cell-based assays and immunoassays. The C.WASH assists labs in enhancing data quality and improving reproducibility while saving time and lowering costs.

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Key Features & Benefits

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Non-contact washing

Avoid carryover and cross contamination thanks to non-contact dispensing and liquid removal.

Supports multiple
plate sizes

Versatile instrument capable of gently removing liquid from any SBS format, 96- and 384- well plates.

Low residual volume

Unmatched washing efficiency with residual volumes <0.1 µl reduces the number of washing cycles required.

Fast and automated

Fully automated and stand-alone operation makes it possible to complete 1 wash cycle in 96- or 384-well plates in under 1 minute.​

Product Details

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Liquid removal

The C.WASH uses non-contact centrifugal forces to remove liquids from well plates in seconds, eliminating the risk of carryover and cross contamination

Dispense the plate with liquid connected to one of the 4 liquid input
channels with auto priming function. The angle dispensing allows aiming at the well walls to preserve growing cells, bound capture antibodies.

Washing efficiency
Featuring a residual volume of <0.1 uL/well, the C.WASH dramatically reduces the number of wash cycles required and results in faster, more reproducible assays.
The intuitive nature of the software allows for guidance through each step of your protocol. The creation of customized protocol allows the user to choose a variety of option, including pause time, skipping columns and shaking
Well-documented communication via the Standardization in Laboratory Automation interface (SiLA20) allows integration with Automation Programming Interface (API) and is compatible with third-party control software.​
Waste system
Waste is discarded through an active pump, which prevents clogging in the internal tubing. It also reduces the instrument’s footprint, making it easy to integrate into any lab configuration.
Tip Consumption Calculator
The dependency on pipette and liquid handler tips is costly on the wallet as well as the environment. Use the Tip Consumption Calculator to see how many tips you are using in a year and how long it will take you to recover the cost of a C.WASH using only pipette tip savings.
The C.WASH is also included in the G.STATION – the ultimate solution for automated Next Generation Sequencing Library construction.
Enabling scientists worldwide

SiLA Compliant

We’ve successfully integrated the SiLA 2 communication protocol into several instruments in our portfolio, including C.WASH and G.PURE. This implementation of an industry automation standard enables seamless integration into automated workflows across multiple different instruments and data exchange with LIMS and other services.


Accelerate your research

Cell-based assay

C.WASH automates all the washing and dispensing steps in a typical screening workflow, making it an essential device for drug discovery or gene editing in HTS environments.


ELISAs are very sensitive immunoassays, therefore cross contamination and/or pipetting inaccuracies may result in high coefficient of variation (CV). The accurate non-contact dispensing limits both cross contamination and therefore reduces CV. Moreover, the lower residual volume after washing enables better washing efficiency and reduces the number of washes required.

Luminex® and Other Protein Assays

The C.WASH microplate washer and dispenser is a cutting-edge solution for washing assays that revolutionizes data accuracy and efficiency. By reducing background noise and variation, C.WASH ensures more quantitative data and minimizes bead loss, leading to higher signals. Its calibration-free washing enhances the reproducibility and robustness of bead-based assays.

The C.WASH magnetic plate carrier streamlines bead washing during centrifugal liquid evacuation in Luminex® and other protein assays, eliminating the laborious manual liquid removal process with automated and dedicated dispensers. This innovation expedites magnetic bead washing, reduces waste, and significantly cuts costs.

Furthermore, the multiplex assay approach facilitated by the C.WASH system maximizes data extraction, optimizes sample usage, and minimizes wash cycle expenses.

Cell in suspension

Use the C.WASH as a simple and reproducible method to wash suspension cells. Following centrifugation of the plate to pellet cells, the liquid supernatant is then evacuating using the C.WASH, resulting in washes with consistent low residual volume and with maximal cell retention as compared to manual workflow.

Plate coating

Coating wells with proteins or peptides maximizes cell adhesion in your microplates. Streamline the coating process in your laboratory using the C.WASH. Dispense the coating solution, choose your incubation time and wash and dry the plates for optimum and reproducible coating of your plates.

Featured Workflow

C.WASH automates all the washing and dispensing steps in a typical screening workflow,
making it an essential device for drug discovery or gene editing in HTS environments.

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Product Datasheet

C.WASH centrifugal washer products are manufactured under an exclusive
license from Yantai Ausbio Laboratories
Liquid Removal
Plate compatibility (format)96,384
Plate compatibility (height)14.4 mm
Residual volume < 0.1 μL per well for all plate formats
Centrifugal forces5 to 3500 rpm (~400g)
Standard Dispenser (Membrane Pump & Electromechanical Valve)
Dispense head8-needle, 16-needle
Liquid inputsAuto switching (internal) for up to 4 liquid input channels
Dispensing accuracy & precision (standard dispenser) < 5%CV @300µl Standard,
< 3% (CV) @300 μL Precision
Adjustable dispense pressure
Deadvolume internal (tube volume)8 ml
Deadvolume (liquid switch/priming)4 ml
Volume range standard dispenser8-needle dispense head: > 10 μL
16-needle dispense head: > 5μL
Dispense speed – 96-well (50µl)16 seconds
Dispense speed – 384-well (25µl)21 seconds
Washing Speed
Processing speed 96-well 1 wash cycle 47 seconds
Processing speed 96-well 2 wash cycles 81 seconds
Processing speed 384-well 1 wash cycle 52 seconds
Processing speed 384-well 2 wash cycles 85 seconds
Liquid Waste System
Active Pump for rapid liquid removal from wash drum
User interfaceTouchpad (included)
AutomationSiLA2 interface is compatible with third-party integration
Washing efficiency > 99.5% after 1 wash cycle,
> 99.99% after 2 wash cycles
Dimensions (W x D x H)385 x 600 x 205 mm
Weight25 kg

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