Partnership conference

CELLINK Partnership Conference

As we expand our portfolio of products, devices and technologies, we remain committed to building a global life sciences community. As part of this commitment, we invite our growing list of collaborators, as well as those interested in working with us, to register for our two-day virtual conference from December 10 to 11.For the third year in a row, our conference will offer participants a chance to celebrate achievements, explore new opportunities and showcase groundbreaking discoveries. This year’s roster of distinguished scientists includes luminaries such as Ido Amit, Ali Khademhosseini, Jens Kureck, Simone Picelli, Nikolai Slavov and David F. Williams, to name a few. Presentations will cover a range of topics and highlight the latest technical advances in 3D bioprinting, genomics and live cell analysis.

Scientific Sessions

This year’s program includes two presentation tracks: bioprinting and genomics. All sessions will feature leading minds in these areas of research. Hear them discuss how we can create the future of medicine together.

A Growing Community

Join a community of scientists, leaders and experts in the fields of bioprinting and genomics. You will have access to informative sessions, discussions with fellow scientists’ and get expert advice on the challenges you are facing with your work.

Expand Your Network

Unique opportunities to network and connect with some of the brightest minds in bioprinting and genomics. Make the most of a virtual platform and connect with people across cities, countries and continents.

Get Inspired

Listen to industry leaders and how they are shaping the future of their respective fields. Learn about new problems, methods and solutions across a range of topics.

Live Demonstrations

See our cutting-edge technologies in action during live product demonstrations with our technical specialists, who can answer your questions during the Q&A sessions.

Open to All

Open to all those interested in learning about the latest life science technologies. Space is limited, so fill out the free registration form today.