New microfluidic cell sorting and dispensing technology for single cell -omics and cloning

Sorting cells into microwell plates can be a challenge, especially when the experiment requires the highest cell viability, the starting material is very limited, or small amounts of lysis buffer are used due to downstream miniaturisation.

In this invited presentation for flowcytometryUK, Dr. Julian Riba will introduce a novel microfluidic approach to single cell sorting and dispensing that addresses such challenges.

Join this live talk and Q&A session to hear about:

  • a gentle yet fast dispensing technology that minimises cell stress
  • ways to work with low cell numbers and small volumes of suspension
  • how to deposit single cells reliably into 384-well PCR plates
  • affordable instrumentation that users can operate with minimal training
  • applications in single cell -omics and cell line development

Julian holds a diploma in mechanical engineering from the Technical University of Munich and a doctorate from the University of Freiburg, Germany. During his research at the Institute of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK), he pioneered microfluidic approaches to single cell dispensing and developed some of Cytena´s core technologies. Prior to his appointment as CEO, he served as Cytena’s Chief Scientific Officer.