Real-time Analysis of
Spheroid Assays

How the new CELLCYTE X spheroid application module can make a difference in your lab

Streamline workflow to monitor the spheroid formation process inside your incubator

Ensures autofocus at every time point for long-term live cells studies

Powerful analysis algorithm for accurate spheroid masking and tracking​

Diverse analysis metrics supporting wide range of spheroid assays​

Maximize throughput and reproducibility with running up to 6 plates in 96-well plate manner

Complete your full live cell imaging solution

Spheroid Assay Workflow Simplified

Capture and quantify spheroid growth inside the incubator without disrupting ideal experimental conditions

Investigate spheroid samples within your own protocol

Extract high resolution images and movies

Analyze in brightfield, fluorescence, or both - automatically graph the data points over time

Optimized Autofocus for Reliable Image Acquisition

  • Boost image acquisition speed​
  • Consistent image capturing over extended periods of time​
  • Never miss a timepoint

Robust Real-Time Spheroid Analysis

Maximize time savings by running data analysis in tandem with image acquisition

Accurately analyze spheroids with our analysis algorithm

Optimize masking and tracking over time with settings such as sensitivity and size exclusion

Monitor formation, growth, and cell health to observe biological effects

Maximize Throughput and Reproducibility

  • Run samples from 6 to 96-well plates
  • Monitor live cells while recording multiple channels simultaneously
  • Reliable data quality and reproducibility​
  • Imaging at the same position, all timepoints, and same conditions.

Application Notes

Written by scientists for scientists, these papers highlight novel ways to optimize one’s research with CELLCYTE X.

CELLCYTE X – Real-time Multiparametric Pharmacological Screening with Live Cell Imaging

CELLCYTE X – Optimizing Transfection Efficiency with High-throughput Live Cell Imaging

CELLCYTE X – Kinetic Assessment of Reporter Gene Expression with Live Cell Imaging


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