CYTENA enters long term OEM supply agreement with PAIA and launches the F.QUANT Titer high-throughput titer quantification assays for antibodies and Fc fusion proteins

The F.QUANT Titer assays enable cost-effective identification of high-producer clones for biopharmaceutical cell line development utilizing fluorescence plate readers

Today CYTENA, a BICO group company (Nasdaq Stockholm: BICO) and a leading provider of high-precision instruments for handling biological cells and PAIA Biotech GmbH, a developer of assays for the rapid analysis of antibodies and proteins based on its proprietary assay technology, announced they have signed a long-term OEM agreement. Under the terms of this agreement, CYTENA launched the F.QUANT Titer, a plate-based high-throughput titer quantification assay for antibodies, bispecifics or Fc fusion proteins based of PAIA’s patented technology. The F.QUANT Titer expands CYTENA’s cell line development portfolio enabling fast and cost-effective plate-based assays for high-throughput analysis of culture samples for titers with a very small sample volume.
The new F.QUANT Titer provides biopharma professionals an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for the identification of high-producer clones based on fluorescence intensity without a need for capital investment for a dedicated instrument. The F.QUANT Titer assays further strengthens CYTENA’s cell line development product portfolio and contributes to bring affordable solutions for faster drug development to life science industry as a BICO group company.
Sebastian Giehring, CEO of PAIA Biotech, comments: “We are excited to partner with CYTENA, which share our goals of providing integrated solutions for cell line development and upstream development. With this partnership, we will be able to accelerate our growth, develop novel assays and make our unique assay technology available to more customers around the world.”
“We are thrilled to be bringing the F.QUANT Titer to the cell line development market. CYTENA has been developing cutting edge single-cell dispensers and have utilized this expertise to develop a fully-automated cell line development platform, the C.STATION, which enables accessibility to all from single-cell cloning of transfected cells to selecting high-producing clones to upscaling. The F.QUANT Titer complements this workflow for mAb titer monitoring for high-producer identification. We look forward to enabling the biopharma industry with this technology which will streamline the development of biotherapeutics.” Julian Riba, CEO, CYTENA.
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About PAIA

PAIA Biotech, founded 2014 in Cologne/Germany, uses its patented microplate detection technology for developing high throughput bead-based assays. The assays focus on the quantification of biotherapeutics and on screening for critical quality attributes like glycosylation and aggregation. PAIA´s assay technology allows researchers to miniaturize and automate workflows in c