CYTENA launches UP.SIGHT™, a rapid, all-in-one imager and single-cell dispenser that offers double assurance of clonality

UP.SIGHT™ is certified to help laboratories worldwide overcome major cell line development hurdles and improve efficiency across workflows.
CYTENA GmbH, a CELLINK company and leader in single cell dispensing technologies, launches the UP.SIGHT, a transformative single-cell dispensing system that increases efficiency in cell line development workflows. This all-in-one solution is equipped with CYTENA’s patented, fast and gentle single-cell dispensing technology and a rapid, high-quality imaging system that enables nozzle imaging and 3D Full Well Imaging (with no need for image stitching). It offers double assurance of clonality from two independent optical apparatuses and leads to a probability of clonality >99.99%.
“The UP.SIGHT represents a significant improvement in single-cell dispensing and the cell line development workflow,” says Erik Gatenholm, CEO of CELLINK. “Until now, the pharmaceutical industry has used a costly, time-consuming and wasteful process when isolating single cells for research purposes. Compared to existing single-cell dispensers, the UP.SIGHT is faster, more efficient and does it all in one device, while they require multiple devices. The UP.SIGHT is an example of the CELLINK Group’s commitment to bio-convergence and finding synergies in biology and engineering to create truly innovative technologies.”
Today, 8 out of the top 10 best-selling drugs worldwide are developed using biologics, and cell line development is an essential component of their production. The UP.SIGHT is the next generation of CYTENA’s single-cell dispensers and with high-precision cell deposition and imaging to ensure precise cell isolation and monoclonality. The UP.SIGHT streamlines cell line development so researchers can work faster and smarter. Additionally, CYTENA’s EASY.ON disposable cartridges eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and the need for extensive cleaning processes.