Unmatched washing efficiencies in no time: discover our Highly Efficient Washing of Microwell Plates: C.WASH

A key challenge for the pharmaceutical industry is increasing the success rate of cell-based high-throughput screening by reaching robust signal-to-noise ratios. The eco-friendly C.WASHTM uses noncontact centrifugal force to remove liquids from 96, 384 and 1,536 microwell plates with no need for disposable pipette tips. Its advanced technology enables more reproducible results during ELISA and cell-based assays by reducing cross-contamination, residual volume, background and variability.Download our latest TechNote and find out:

  • How C.WASHTM operates
  • Various applications where C.WASHTM can help you saving precious time on your workflow
  • The technical specifications, including processing time for washing 96 and 384-well plates