Webinar – Miniaturization and automation of single-cell RNA-seq workflows

Live webinar took place April 23rd, 2020

Despite significant technological advances in microfluidic technologies, plate-based single-cell omics workflows offer the highest flexibility and unmatched assay sensitivity. This session introduces a new high-throughput workflow for generating sequencing libraries from single cells sorted into 384-well plates.

First, we will discuss how CYTENA´s x.sight instruments can be used to precisely deposit single cells into well plates prefilled with sub-microliter amounts of lysis buffer. Second, we introduce the I.DOT, a new non-contact liquid handler that allows for rapid and highly multiplexed low volume reagent dispensing.

Using this platform, the popular smart-seq protocol was performed at 10-fold reduced reaction volumes, including cDNA amplification, tagmentation, and library indexing.