CYTENA and AstraZeneca collaborate to develop plate based microbioreactors for cell line development workflows

CYTENA GmbH and its affiliate CYTENA Bioprocess Solutions Ltd., part of CELLINK Life Sciences, announced today that they will collaborate with AstraZeneca to develop a new generation of plate-based microbioreactors that can improve the efficiency of cell line development workflows. CYTENA, which focuses on developing and commercializing innovative single-cell isolation and cultivation technologies, says that its collaboration with AstraZeneca will also explore machine learning algorithms for enhanced single-cell cloning. This collaboration will leverage CYTENA’s recent technological advances in the field of single-cell isolation and bioprocessing to increase efficiency and shorten timelines in the discovery and production of therapeutic antibodies. Therapeutic antibodies are biopharmaceuticals widely used in the treatment of cancer, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases; they are also used for targeted drug delivery.
CYTENA is a CELLINK company based in Freiburg, Germany, and Taipei, Taiwan.

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