plexWell™ Rapid Single Cell Kit

End-to-end library preparation for scalable, cost-effective single-cell transcriptome analysis.

Workflow explained

The streamlined, fully integrated plexWell Single Cell Rapid-RNA Library Prep protocol enables the production of 96 or 384 sequencing-ready, full-length transcriptome libraries in a single day, without the need for specialized equipment.

plexWell auto-normalization

Unique features of the plexWell technology, including auto-normalization, further simplifies the process by reducing the effort related to QC and dilute cDNA samples prior to library prep, and collected 96 cDNAs into a single, multiplexed library. This eliminates major bottlenecks in single-cell transcriptome projects, whilst improving data quality and reducing overall project costs.

Maximize the information obtained from every cell

plexWell Rapid Single Cell Kit is designed for high-sensitivity gene expression profiling, and provides uniform coverage across the entire length of transcripts. The workflow has been optimized to maintain library complexity, even with ultra-low inputs. This improves the detection of low-abundance genes and rare cell populations, preserves whole-gene SNP and indel variant information, and allows for isoform and allele-specific expression analysis from single cells and low picogram cDNA inputs.

Application Highlight:

High-performance scRNA-Seq of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells

Sensitive and efficient full-length transcriptome profiling of challenging samples.

Advantages of plexWell Rapid Single Cell Kit compared to droplet-based 5’- and/or 3’-single cell RNA-Seq methods

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Single-cell isolation

plexWell™ Rapid Single Cell Kit

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DNA purification


Sequencing & Data analysis

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plexWell™ Library Prep Kit

Simple and scalable multiplexed workflow for 1000’s of samples.

plexWell™ Rapid Single Cell Kit

Premier single cell RNA Sequencing.