protein expression in microbial systems

protein expression in microbial systems

Production of recombinant proteins in microbial expression systems plays a major role in the life sciences, biotechnology, and medicine, and enables the development and production of many successful biopharmaceuticals.

Single-cell isolation is a key step in the development of stable expression strains. Current workflows for single-cell isolation of bacteria and yeast are often inefficient and time-consuming.  


The b.sightTM allows for efficient single-cell cloning of bacteria, yeast, and other small fungi. Using the b.sight one can directly isolate individual cells into liquid culture -  label-free and automated. This allows to bypass streaking on agar & colony picking, which is a manual and time-consuming step.

typical work flow


A gene of interest is modified or inserted into a bacterial host cell line (e.g. E. coli)


Individual cells have to be isolated to derive pure clonal cultures.


Single cells grow to clonal cultures, often in selective medium.


Search for and select positive clones with high expression (e.g. by sequencing)


Cultivate and scale up the best producing strains.


Purify and analyse your protein of interest.


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