C.SIGHT™ 2.0

Upgrade your single-cell isolation for cell line development

The C.SIGHT 2.0 is the latest iteration of our single-cell dispensing system designed to optimize cell line development (CLD) applications. With faster single-cell isolation processing times and our new EASY.ON cartridges for contamination-free dispensing, the C.SIGHT 2.0 provides an easy entry point into the world of single-cell handling. The C.SIGHT 2.0’s compact design makes it possible to operate the system in biosafety cabinets, enabling single-cell isolation in sterile conditions.


Why we stand out

  • Fast and efficient single-cell dispensing: Single cells are gently dispensed into a 96-well plate in under 2 minutes or into a 384-well plate in under 8 minutes
  • No risk of contamination: Eliminate the risk of cross contamination during dispensing with single-use EASY.ON cartridges
  • Assurance of clonality: Capture nozzle images for every dispensing run to assure that only single cells were dispensed in the plate
  • Cell Focusing technology: Align cells at the center of the dispensing cartridge for even better handling and processing of delicate samples
  • Easy setup: Begin single-cell isolation in minutes thanks to the C.SIGHT 2.0’s straightforward software
  • Compact design: Place the C.SIGHT 2.0 in laminar flow hoods to isolate cells in a sterile environment

Intuitive Software

  • Easy and fast set up
  • Full resolution brightfield imaging
  • Save all dispensing events for analysis and assurance of clonality

Fast and gentle dispensing

  • Isolate single-cells into a 384-well plate in 8 minutes
  • Gentle dispense cells without submitting the cells to any sort of pressure

Eliminate cross contamination

Gentle and safe Dispensing

No pressure on cells or liquid to form droplets

No risk of cross contamination

EASY.ON Design

Magnetically mounted cartridge for effortless loading


Single bacteria dispensing using single-cell technology

Minimize Cell Loss

Add an additional layer of optimization with our patented Cell Focusing technology, which gently aligns cells at the center of the dispensing cartridge for superior cell detection.

  • Tailored for rare or gentle cell samples
  • Reduce cell loss
  • Increase processing speeds

Assurance of single-cell dispensing

  • Real time imaging and processing of single-cell dispensing
  • Clonality probability >99%
  • Nozzle images documented for every isolation event

Unprecedented dispensing speed

Isolation of single -cell into multi-well plates is completed in minutes.

Processing Times

System boot until experiment starts <5 min
Dispensing (96-well plate) single cells ~2 min
Dispensing (384-well plate) single cells ~8 min
Shutdown and cleaning time <5 min

Compatible with sterile biosafety cabinets

Thanks to C.SIGHT’s compact size, the device and can be place inside most biosafety cabinets and connected to external The system can be operated from outside the biosafety cabinet via remote control terminals, making the C.SIGHT 2.0 ‘s cutting-edge technology accessible to labs of any size.

B.SIGHT – Accelerating bacteria transformation and cloning workflows using microbial single-cell isolation

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