C.LIVE Tox Red *Trial size

Cytotox red dye for detection of dead cells; 1 x 5µL
For an easy mix-and-read protocol and improved application workflows in cytotoxicity, utilize C.LIVE Tox reagents for direct detection of dead cells and kinetic monitoring in conjunction with the CELLCYTE X. Test 1,000 samples (or 10 full 96-wellplates) with one, single vial. Our reagents have been optimized for long-term live cell studies which allows you to increase productivity and lower your reagent costs by choosing C.LIVE Tox red for your cytotoxicity analysis. Try our trail size here.


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Cytotoxicity assays measure the toxic effects of various cytotoxic drugs or physical stressors on cells. C.LIVE Tox reagents directly and reliably identify cytotoxicity in real time through an easy mix-and-read workflow. C.LIVE Tox Green and Red are sensitive DNA- binding dyes that are nonpermeable to viable cells and nonfluorescent outside of the cells. After entering dead cells through damaged plasma membranes and binding to DNA, the reagent emits bright fluorescence. The growth and morphology of healthy cells are not affected by the addition of C.LIVE Tox reagents. CELLCYTE X™, CYTENA’s high-throughput, incubator-friendly live cell imaging system offers the best long-term, real-time monitoring of live and dead cells. Experience real-time direct detection of cytotoxicity, kinetic monitoring, and long-term live cell studies with the C.LIVE Tox reagents today.