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    Dr. Julian Riba


    During his PhD studies at IMTEK, University of Freiburg, he pioneered single-cell dispensing of bacteria and further developed some of CYTENA´s core technologies. He has a strong background in single-cell analysis, liquid handling, and molecular biology.  He likes to spend time in the mountains together with friends & family.

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    Laura Pätzold


    Laura joined CYTENA in 2018 directly after her completing her studies of Business Administration. She closely works on intergroup transactions, monthly closing and reporting. The rapid growth of the group makes it a very exciting place to work. When she’s not at work, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, traveling the world and getting to know new people and cultures. 

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    Dr. Fabian Stumpf


    Fabian heads marketing of the Biosciences business area. He is passionate about cutting-edge high-tech products, especially, if it benefits mankind. Besides work Fabian enjoys spending time in nature with his family. At CYTENA he loves being part of a fast forward moving, talented and passionate team which loves to spend time together! 

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    Dr. Adrian Zambrano


    Adrian has a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering and a PhD in Physics and is our field application specialist. He is responsible for product demos and helping customers improve their workflows. He thinks life is too complex already, so he enjoys simple activities such as gardening and spending time with family and friends. What he loves the most about CYTENA is the team: young, open-minded and a highly innovative environment. 

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    Germar Wittke


    Germar manages the European Sales Organization. It’s CYTENA’s company culture and innovative products that inspire him most. Besides working closely with our customers, he loves to go running with his Continental Bulldog. His dog hates it though!

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    Nathanael Dögel


    As a state-certified technician, Nathanael works on Hardware development and tests prototypes. At CYTENA, he’s involved with new and exciting development projects and amazing products every day! He loves being by the sea and mountain biking in nature. 

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    Dr. Andre Groß


    Andre holds a PhD in single-cell technologies and is the co-founder of CYTENA. As CTO, he is mainly responsible for product development pipeline and product life cycle management. Outside of work, he loves being with his daughter and being in nature, hiking, rock climbing, and biking. 

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    Thuy Linh Nguyen


    Thuy Linh has a Master’s degree in Management & Marketing and several years of experience in marketing in different industries. At CELLINK Biosciences, her main role is to coordinate and deliver projects on time, as well as build brand and product awareness. What fascinates her most about CYTENA is the rapid development of the company and the outstanding teamwork. She is a real foody, a sports enthusiast and practices Krav Maga regularly. 

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    David Rauch


    David holds a Master’s in applied Photonics and works on the optical design of microscopes and all kinds of imaging and illumination systems. His daily work consists of launching new projects and brainstorming sessions for new concepts and products. It never gets boring! David likes to play (electric) guitar and jam with his friends. He and his flat mates have a garden project, hopefully, the harvest will be good this year! 

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    Matthias Müller


    After completing his master thesis in computer science, Matthias is heavily involved in the development of X.SIGHT

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    Alejandro Sánchez


    After finishing his Master’s at the TU Dresden in Regenerative Biology and Medicine, Alejandro joined CYTENA in 2021. He works with customers to find the best option for them to explore CELLINK’s NGS technologies. When not at work you can easily spot him going to farmer’s markets to get fresh ingredients for any new cooking projects. Working in CYTENA is a wonderful experience for outgoing people like him, where everyone there is a friend who wants to help and move the company forward one step at a time. 

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    Dr. Dominik Bernhardt


    Dominik holds a PhD in medical image processing and has many years of experience in leading agile software organizations in the MedTech/life sciences domain and he scales up the Software team. He is fascinated by the very committed team and the positive spirit. Dominik dedicates his free time to practicing outdoor sports and automating his home. 

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    Julian Hübner


    With a Master’s degree in Economics, Julian joined CYTENA in January 2019. He works in the administration department where he executes a broad range of tasks, currently focusing on the public funding projects. He likes to spend his leisure time with friends, cooking, football and gardening.  

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    Jan Joshua Velasco


    Jan graduated with a Master’s degree in Applied Computer Science and specializes in UX/UI. He joined CYTENA in 2021 to work in design and implementation of user interfaces for the products’ software. The employee diversity, and the cutting-edge technologies are some of the things he appreciates about the company. Jan’s time outside of work is spent singing and baking cakes with Dr. Oetker.

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    David Salb


    David has a background in Software- and Medical EngineeringAs part of an amazing software team, he is involved in planning, implementing and servicing the main application of our single-cell dispensing devices. In his free time, he does sports and implements small home automation solutions. What he likes the most about CYTENA is the interdisciplinary team which is a great chance to learn from each other. 

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    Dr. Thomas Clapes


    Thomas holds a PhD in Stem Cell Biology and has several years of experience in academic research in top international institutions. His role as C.WASH product manager is to ensure a smooth communication between sales, production, marketing and R&D. He enjoys v the interaction with the young and brilliant minds of CYTENA. Thomas is part of a theater group in Freiburg, and often uses his talents of improvisation to work under critical time constraints. 

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    Jason Wen


    Jason has been living around the world and speaks Chinese, English, took 6 years of Spanish, 2 years of Swedish and is currently learning German, which he says is the hardest language ever existed! At CYTENA, he uses the language of software and is working on machine learning image processing. In his spare time, he plays tennis, ultimate frisbee and enjoys biking and other sports that involve a ball. 

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    Hesham Iftekhar Ahmad


    Hesham has a Master’s in Medical System Engineering with focus on Embedded Programming. At CYTENA, his main responsibility is to develop and improve the software for C.WASH. He enjoys working with the young, motivated team. 

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    Gunnar Jänicke


    With a background in software engineering, Gunnar has a passion for Extreme Programming (XP) techniques and clean code and leads the CYTENA single-cell dispensing software team. Outside of work, he likes to develop small things on his Raspberry Pi, be with LEGO bricks or games like Magic of Gathering. Having exciting projects and enough room for creativity is important to him and that’s why he enjoys working at CYTENA. 

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    Peter Krucker


    Peter was one of the first team members at CYTENA and is responsible for everything related to the cartridges.   In his free time, he tries to relax as much as possible and enjoys spending time with his kids. Peter keeps saying “Once a CYTENO, always a CYTENO!”. 

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    Julia Steinert


    Julia holds a Master’s degree in Medical Engineering, is mainly responsible for product development and has the project lead for the C.WASH device. At CYTENA, she especially likes the great people and working atmosphere. Julia is a passionate volleyball player and loves to be in the mountains.  

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    Christina Andrä


    Christina has a Master’s degree in Health Tourism and Leisure Management and several years of experience in the tourism industry. She is part of the administration team and responsible for a good working atmosphere, satisfied colleagues and an interface for all matters. Christina is also involved in corporate health management, plans and organizes business trips. As a barista, she can create the perfect cup of coffee every day. At CYTENA, she is happy to be able to play a valuable part in continuously growing and innovating in a great team.

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    Christoph Schlueter


    Christoph has a Master’s degree in Mechatronics and Information Technology from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). His main tasks are testing and validating. He really enjoys working in a great, committed team in an interdisciplinary and international environment at CYTENA developing high-tech products. In his free time, he likes to play volleyball. 

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    Stanislav Bonov


    Stanislav has worked as a software developer in Bulgaria for 7 years before joining CYTENA. He has a Master’s degree in Informatics and Computer Science and focuses on the software development for the X.SIGHT and UP.SIGHT devices. He loves travelling, hiking and photography. He likes the work environment at CYTENA and the positiveness of everyone. 

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    Dr. Lena Lautscham

    Lead R&D Scientist

    Lena, holding a diploma and PhD in Physics, she oversees the product development for F.SIGHT, UP.SIGHT and CELLCYTE X. She especially likes the diversity of her work at CYTENA and that from the very beginning you could always count on each other to achieve your goals. Lena enjoys travelling, swimming, skiing, hiking and growing plants on her balcony.

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