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High-content label-free live-cell imaging from 96 wells to single cells

Ptychographic quantitative phase imaging

This patented approach enables a range of label free assays. Coupled with automated single cell tracking to gain dynamic insights of phenotypic differences in subsets of cells.

Powerful integrated live-cell analysis

Monitor and characterize cell proliferation, motility, morphology from 96 wells to single cells using user-friendly dashboards on board the Livecyte software.

Dig deeper and discover new insights

Leverage powerful tracking algorithms to explore population heterogeneity and track single cell lineage.

application areas

Single cell lineage tracking

Cell cycle

Cell health

Subpopulation Analysis

Single cell lineage tracking

Cell motility

Wound healing

Cell proliferation and growth

Cell health

Cell cycle


Stem cell differentiation

Strengthen your workflows

Multiple Output

One experiment, multiple outputs

Generate multiple outputs with one experiment to compare cell behaviors at population and single cell level.

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Uncover more

With the patented ptychographic quantitative phase imaging capture details.

Reduce Cost

Reduce cost

Livecyte’s ptychography technology removes the need for plate inserts or expensive consumables – reducing running costs compared to comparative systems.

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Imaging Modalities  Brightfield; Ptychographic quantitative phase imaging; Fluorescence (up to 7 channels) 
Compatible Plate Formats  Standard 6, 12, 24, 48, 96 well plates (glass and high-grade plastic), 35mm dishes, slides (inc. Ibidi µ-slides) 
Required Plate Inserts  None 
Objective Lens Options  4x; two from 10x, 20x or 40x (Plan N, Fluorite and UPLXAPO options available, air only) 
Camera  High sensitivity sCMOS (2048 x 2048 pixels; 6.5µm pixel size; 16 bit; 82% Peak QE)  
XY Stage  Automatic Linear-encoded ASI stage  
Z Stage  Automatic Olympus Z-positioner 
Ptychographic QPI Illumination  Integrated low-power laser diode (typically 30µW/mm2 at 650nm wavelength) 
Fluorescence Illumination  CoolLED pE-300 or CoolLED pE-4000 options available 
Fluorescence Filters  System compatible with up to 7 channels (in addition to QPI modality) 
QPI Field of View  Up to 2 x 2mm with 10x lens 
Lateral Resolution  Up to 0.4µm with a UPLXAPO 20x 
QPI Capture Rate  Up to one image per 13s 
Environment Control  Integrated stand-alone incubator controlling temperature, CO2, humidity and evaporation 
IT  Bespoke Acquisition PC, Analysis PC and Network Attached Storage (up to 40Tb) options 
Software  Image acquisition software, Cell Analysis Toolbox analysis software available 
Space Requirements  1800 x 800 x 900 mm (W x D x H) 
Weight  ~65kg depending on configuration 
Power Requirements  Nominal 700 W 
Gas Requirements  Supply of 5% CO2 (in air) either from a cylinder with regulator or from mains supply via a CO2 mixer