welcome to cytena

our mission

We believe that automation and microtechnology

will bring the understanding and control of individual cells

to a whole new level and empower our customers

to serve patients faster and better.

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Three reasons why we are different


People around you make the difference. They are the ones who drive you, challenge and encourage you. Only together we have achieved what constitutes cytena today. We all together bring cytena to the next level. With all ups and downs. This is what made cytena one great team. That's why it's especially important to us that new team members fit in with our team.

Quality, utility and usability

Quality, utility and usability are the key factors in the success of a product. Quality means for us to always tackle things right and meaningful. Therefore we build reliable and robust products. The customers need to get maximum benefit from our products. We satisfy a real need for the customer. Especially, ease-of-use is important to us. The customer enjoys using our products every day. They must be easy and intuitive to use by anyone in the lab.

Customer satisfaction

A satisfied customer is the most valuable asset to a business. In today's dynamic time, support is often neglected. The customer is left alone with his questions and problems. Everything is maximally optimized economically. We are convinced that we need to be there for our customers. They should be able to achieve their goals in the best possible way with the help of our technology. For this it is necessary to always stand by them, to listen to them and to deal with their problems.

our team

... needs support to reach the next level. You want to be part of the team? Then join us! Check out our recent job offers.

our offices

Recently, we have moved to our new office space. Working here is great. A lot fo space and an entire new building. Through the huge windows you have a fantastic scenic view on the Black Forest and the Vosges in nearby France.  

our labs

The big, bright room provides sufficient space for our developers and engineers to build great machines. Here our ideas and concepts become reality and turn into products.

our roots

cytena is young high-tech start-up based in Freiburg, Germany.

All began in summer 2014, when three young entrepreneurs started cytena out of the laboratory for MEMS applications and Hahn-Schickard. The first year ended quite successful with already the first single-cell printer sold to a big German company. In the following year 2015 cytena raised first venture capital from European investors in their successful seed round.

A growing team, expansion into international markets and further sales completes the ongoing success story. We are very proud to have sold our instruments world-wide with our international partners and distributors. We are on the road of success and are constantly looking for new team members. Check out our careers site if you are interested.

our cradle, the technical campus of the University of Freiburg