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As a young and fast-growing high-tech company, we aim to provide the life-science industry with cutting-edge bioscience technologies that can automate and optimize complex workflows. To support that mission, we hire talented candidates who are excited about making an impact. Focus, persistence, kindness,  and other qualities that speak to one’s character are the values we look for in potential team  members. You will be part of a multinational, inspiring group of achievers who are driven by their  passion for what they do. We are putting the most brilliant minds on the planet together and  creating the future of medicine.

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Looking for an exciting opportunity? Become part of our talented and inspiring team and contribute to the company’s growth.

Join us

Looking for an exciting opportunity? Become part of our talented and inspiring team and contribute to the company’s growth.

Apply today and make an impact

Apply today and make an impact

Send us your application via the application form

We invite you for an initial telephone interview

We invite you for a personal/ onsite interview

Send us your application via the application form

We invite you for an initial telephone interview

We invite you for a personal / on-site interview

Your career at CYTENA

At CYTENA, employees are our greatest asset. We are committed to creating and maintaining a workplace where employees can participate and contribute to the success of the business and have the opportunity for continuous education, development and growth. We highly appreciate our employees and want them to continually improve their skills; we offer regular trainings, to that end, through the CELLINK Academy.​​

What awaits you


Team building

We value an open-minded atmosphere and champion collaboration. To strengthen these bonds even further, we regularly organize fun team-building events!


Appreciation and development

We recognize every employee’s efforts and contributions to the business, and we regularly celebrate individual ​ accomplishments. We also help employees develop new professional skills through BICO Academy training courses.​


Opportunity of a lifetime

The BICO Group (formerly CELLINK) became a unicorn in just 4.5 years and is still growing strongly. More exciting tasks and goals await us. The success story is just getting started!​

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High-tech brand

Our instruments have won multiple awards for their cutting-edge single-cell dispensing technology. Be part of a team that dedicates a great deal of time, effort and resources to software engineering, design and R&D.


Agile start-up culture

We believe that transparency and continuous improvement are both essential to solving the major hurdles in healthcare. We love being a dynamic and international start-up and still benefit from a flat organizational structure.

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Making a difference

We are proud to be part of the fast-growing and promising life sciences industry dedicated to improving healthcare. Let us make the world better and create the future of medicine!


Work-life balance

We care about your health, family and personal well-being. In addition to complimentary snacks, coffee and tea in the office, we regularly organize various social outings and sports-themed activities. 

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Modern working environment

Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, we want our employees to be as productive and happy as possible. ​ We provide the best equipment and value high software and hardware standards.

Meet the CYTENA team

Get to know our team members and their roles

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    Dr. Lena Lautscham


    Lena, holding a diploma and PhD in Physics, she oversees the product development for F.SIGHT, UP.SIGHT and CELLCYTE X. She especially likes the diversity of her work at CYTENA and that from the very beginning you could always count on each other to achieve your goals. Lena enjoys travelling, swimming, skiing, hiking and growing plants on her balcony.

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    Nathanael Dögel


    As a state-certified technician, Nathanael works on Hardware development and tests prototypes. At CYTENA, he’s involved with new and exciting development projects and amazing products every day! He loves being by the sea and mountain biking in nature.

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    Dr. Adrian Zambrano


    Adrian has a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering and a PhD in Physics and is our field application specialist. He is responsible for product demos and helping customers improve their workflows. He thinks life is too complex already, so he enjoys simple activities such as gardening and spending time with family and friends. What he loves the most about CYTENA is the team: young, open-minded and a highly innovative environment.

Meet our departments


Our production team is committed to best-in-class quality to ensure that our cutting-edge technology helps our customers create the future of medicine. We manage our global supply chain and work with external partners in the biotechnology and medical engineering sector. Our talented team consists of engineers and technicians with a broad range of expertise. Our team acts as a cross-functional intermediary between our customers, suppliers, sales and R&D departments.

Reasearch & Development

Our R&D team is the backbone behind the technologies and products. R&D is where the first steps are taken to bring new products, improved features and applications to our customers. In doing so, we are constantly looking for new approaches, technologies and ideas on how to further improve our customers’ workflows. At CYTENA, we are happy to do this with a great diverse team with backgrounds in biology, electronics, microsystem engineering, medical engineering, mechatronics, optics, and physics, to name a few. By bringing together our diverse skill sets, we are able to be innovative every day.


As part of CELLINK’s bioconvergence strategy, software plays a key role in modernizing how labs work. The CYTENA Software Department combines expertise in software, firmware and DevOps to bring our products to life. Our device control software and desktop tools provide well-designed graphical user interfaces and valuable features to enable our customer to achieve their scientific goals in an intuitive way. Our aim is to ship beautiful and well working software that is ready for the future, and we are always looking for new talent to join our strong team of passionate software engineers.


Our dedicated global sales team is committed to helping you with all your product, implementation and sales inquiries. We pride ourselves on delivering superior customer service wherever you are in the world or whatever your requirements.



Our marketing team provides services for CELLINK’s Biosciences Business area, consisting of three brands: DISPENDIX, CYTENA and CYTENA Bioprocess Solutions. We focus on improving the visibility of our brands and explaining the value of our technologies to our community. We enjoy working closely with our product experts and sales teams to meet all our customers’ needs.


Administration, Finance and Logistics

We coordinate office activities and operations to ensure efficiency and compliance with company policies. We manage the correspondence, support departments with budgeting and accounting. In terms of logistics, we plan, organize and optimize everything around the shipment of our products. This involves a smooth, optimized and quality-conscious flow of all processes as well as the selection and support of suppliers and service providers.


Human Resources

We assist employees with all their HR needs and the focus of our work is always on people. We are constantly looking for new talent to support our young and dynamic team. 

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