Application notes

Written by scientists for scientists, these papers cover a wide range of applications and highlight novel ways to optimize one’s research with our devices, technologies and consumables.

B.SIGHT – Accelerating bacteria transformation and cloning workflows using microbial single-cell isolation

F.SIGHT – Deconvoluting clonal complexity of barcoded cell populations

B.SIGHT – High-throughput Cultivation Workflow for Isolation of Anaerobic Gut Bacteria

B.SIGHT – Sequencing Single-cell Genomes of Uncultivated Bacteria in the Human Oral Microbiome

Improved ELISA workflow efficiency using automated plate washing

C.WASH allows fast, tip-free bead-based DNA purification for single cell RNA-sequencing

CELLCYTE X – Real-time Multiparametric Pharmacological Screening with Live Cell Imaging

The C.BIRD: An Innovative Cell Culture for Human T Cells

Acoustophoresis-based Cell Focusing Enables Enhanced Single-cell Dispensing

C.BIRD – An Innovative Cell Culture Method for Hybridoma in Early Stages

The C.WASH™ Enables Automated and Tip-free Bead-based DNA Purification with Uniform Results and No Cross-Contamination

CELLCYTE X – Optimizing Transfection Efficiency with High-throughput Live Cell Imaging

CELLCYTE X – Kinetic Assessment of Reporter Gene Expression with Live Cell Imaging

Improving oxygen transfer in 96-well plates using the C.BIRD

High-throughput Screening of Recombinant Clones in Microscale

Fast, Miniaturized and Automated Library Prep for High-quality Single-cell RNA-seq Data

Incorporation of Optimized Cell Culture Environment in 24-well Plates for Suspension Cells

Using the C.WASH to conduct automated, non-contact bead-based DNA purification

Highly Efficient Washing of Microwell Plates Using Centrifugal Forces

Combined Single-cell Dispensing and 3D Full Well Imaging for Cell Lines with >99.99% Probability of Monoclonality

Streamlined Workflow for the Generation of CRISPR-edited Mesenchymal Stem Cell Clones for Regenerative Medicine Applications

F.SIGHT – Fluorescence intensity-based isolation of single cells with assured clonality for CLD workflows

C.BIRD – A microbioreactor that enables suspension culture in 96-well plates for improved cell growth and recombinant protein yield

Providing Optimal Suspension Culture Conditions in 96-well Plates and Superior Comparability with Large-scale Shaker-flask Culture Environments

Miniaturization and Automation of a full-length Single-Cell RNA-seq Workflow

Tumor Spheroid Formation Using the I-DOT