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Both, B.SIGHT and F.SIGHT are designed with isolation in mind and each has their unique strong points.

    • Isolate single cells from bacterial or yeast samples, also in fully anaerobic conditions
    • Investigate human microbiome in health and disease
    • Improve microbiome for crop and livestock
    • Discover new species from our natural environmental
    • Quickly isolate mammalian cells to perform downstream single cell analysis
    • Screen your cells for successful genetic modifications (e.g. after CRISPR gene editing)
    • Complement your flow cytometry core facility with an easy to use fluorescent single-cell dispenser
    • Streamline your research to generate clonally-derived induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) lines

Our devices in action

B.SIGHT – Accelerating bacteria transformation and cloning workflows using microbial single-cell isolation

B.SIGHT – High-throughput Cultivation Workflow for Isolation of Anaerobic Gut Bacteria

B.SIGHT – Sequencing Single-cell Genomes of Uncultivated Bacteria in the Human Oral Microbiome

F.SIGHT – Deconvoluting clonal complexity of barcoded cell populations

Streamlined Workflow for the Generation of CRISPR-edited Mesenchymal Stem Cell Clones for Regenerative Medicine Applications

F.SIGHT – Fluorescence intensity-based isolation of single cells with assured clonality for CLD workflows

Miniaturization and Automation of a full-length Single-Cell RNA-seq Workflow

Application focused
single-cell workflows


    • Faster cultivation –5x faster compared to agar plating methods
    • Over 20 units implemented for single-cell microbial isolation across the world


    • Isolate entire 384-well plates with single-cell assurance in under 20 minutes
    • Probability of monoclonality of over 99%

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  • Limited to researchers in academic institutions.
  • Promotion is applicable to orders received from 1st of October 2022 to 15th of December 2022.
  • The discount on the F.SIGHT and B.SIGHT will be 30% off on the list price